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God Dethroned is a blackened deathmetal band that got formed in 1990 by vocalist and guitarist Henri Sattler, the band is the most populair band from Holland and that really gets to show in their new album ‘The World Ablaze’ that got released on the 5th of May this year. Their debut album ‘The Christhunt’ got out with help of a small label from Gemany, besides that they have released all their albums on one of the best labels that are currently out there Metal Blade Records. They have changed their line-up multiple times but their singer Henri Sattler always stuck with the band. Till this date they have made 9 albums besides their latest one ‘The World Ablaze’, If you are new to this band I would highly recomment you to give those albums a listen. ‘Passiondale’ from 2009 for example is full of melodies and agression where ‘The Toxic Touch’ is more focused on the lyrical aspect of the songs, such as depression, religion and hatred. They may have changed things up from time to time but they always remained a band with a lot of talent lyrically and instrumentally. The agressive vibes from the songs gives you the feeling of power, of being more than just human. The feeling of reigning an entire universe. Wonder who made those raw vibes? It got created by drummer Michiel van der Plicht, bassist Jeroen Pomper and guitarist Mike Ferguson. Not a band you would just walk past without noticing, they truly are the definition of Dutch blackened deathmetal!

The song ”Annihilation Crusade” is one of the most brutal tracks on the album that got posted on youtube by Metal Blade Records just 8 days before the album release. It is filled with brutal vocals, as well as guitar riffs that will make your ears bleed and lyrics that will put you into a real battlefield. Feel free to give it a spin HERE. Leroy ter Braak directed this masterpiece and as a resident of Holland I feel good talking about the guy, he really is cut out for the job. ”Annihilation Crusade” is about an army entering the battlefield, they can’t retreat because the army is already too far in. It has to keep on going eventhough they know they may lose their own lives. When you join the army there is not really a way back, you stay and fight for the country till you collapse. This band has huge respect for everyone that has or still is fighting in the army for whatever reason and so do I. For everyone that has been a part of the army or still is, thank you for your service and I salute you!

”Retreat denied.
The army`s set in forward motion.
Taking lives for king and country.
Our battles glorified.”

”Messina Ridge” is the second song that stood from the others, the song name refers to The Battle Of Messines that found place in WW1 from the 7th of June till the 14th of June of the year 1917. This battle was under command of General Sir Herbert Plumer and it has been really important for this battle because if someone took it over they could potentially dominate the whole south region of Wytschaete. Funny thing about this is that the name is not actually the spot where the battle occurred, it actually happened in the village Wytschaete of Belgium. I myself find it very fascinating how it all took place, if you agree with me click HERE to get to know more about this battle.

Armistice Day is commemorated every year on 11 November to mark the armistice signed between the allies of World War 1 and Germany at Compiègne, France for the cessation of hostilities on the Western Front of World War 1 which got agreed upon on at eleven o’clock in the morning and that’s where the song title ”The 11th Hour” came from. This date has been a national holiday in many allied nations since, just like Remembrance Day and Veterans day. What a song to end the album with, the raw emotion is almost elusive. It’s breathtaking!

”After four long years.
The end is near.
A war of attrition.
The war to end all wars.”

The album ‘The World Ablaze’ is really a work of art. If the name God Dethroned doesn’t scare you to death than the agressive guitar riffs will. The best thing from the album is for sure the lyrical theme. This album is made around the war theme and it trows you right back to 1917 where The Battle Of Messines found place. It really makes you believe you are witnessing the battle first hand. It tells about The Battle Of Messines from WW1 and about Königsberg from WW2. War has always been a very interesting topic to me but something it gets boring when you are just sitting in your chair reading about a battle but hearing the message from a blackened deathmetal band makes it at least 10 times more interesting. It’s really important people know about the history of war so knowing that a band dedicated an entire album to it is just unbelievable. Definitely a good album all around for fans of deathmetal and blackmetal that find war as interesting as I do.

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