Review: GLOOM – ‘Solaris’ [Official Videos]

Gloom creates a style you have never seen or heard before. It’s hard to point down but the combination is truly remarkable. Bill Calomiris does vocals, Dante Dalton is the guitarist, Jason Sayell is the bassist and on drums we have Albert Born. They are signed to the label eOne Music/Lifeblood inc and about to release their debut album ‘Solaris’. Their EP ‘Gloom’ got out in 2014 and got produced by Wretched drummer Marshall Wieczorek. It got instantly sucked up by one of the biggest metal sources on the internet Metal Injection. This created a path for the band to walk and also a swing in the right direction. They are even on the list of the Best Metal Songs of 2014 on Loudwire. Right next to big names like Eyehategod and Mastodon.

 ‘Fallen’ is the intro song of the debut album and it’s right on. It starts off with a slow and harmonic guitar riff followed by screaming vocals that will scary you away. When the drum kicks in the song really starts to form while the vocals are to die for. It clearly has some old Burzum feelings to it which makes this song the perfect intro to the devastating album.

The moody post-black metal song “1% Empty” is drawn from the bassist’s personal life experience. The feeling of a person drowning in his own mind while trying to find a way to survive is one of the feelings this song creates. Melodic riffs is what sets the mood for the song while the vocals tell you a story. The song is somewhat repetitive which makes you wonder, did the person overcome it’s fears?

Wonder what a dark and melodic take of “Them Bones” from Alice In Chains would sound like? If so, this is your lucky day because the last song is a cover on exactly that! This song is pretty much about one’s own mortality like Jerry said in a booklet for the box set “Dirt”. It sends chills down my spine, knowing we all are a set of bones in the end and that’s what we all will end up with. Doesn’t matter who you are or what you believe in we are all just a set of bones

The inspiration of other bands on this album is endless. Old Burzum and Gorgoroth are giving it a black metal fibe. Modern deathcore kings like Whitechapel and Suicide Silence and bands like Deftones and Tool are what gives the band an atmospheric groove. All these elements are what create Gloom. A perfect example of what an unique band should sound like. When you can’t label a band to a genre you know the band is nothing more but pure creativeness. The album is the complete opposite of one sided. It features all the band is capable of, from melodic and moody riffs with pouring emotions to dark and soul crushing vocals.


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