DYING FETUS Release “Fixated On Devastation” [Official Video]

They have always made me go, “How on earth can a three piece band churn out that shit?”. Dying Fetus has always been a reckoning brute force to begin with, spewing out albums after albums of sheer brutality and mind bending technical death metalDying Fetus‘ vocabulary of technical death metal is appealing in itself as they incorporate surplus amount of deathgrind elements, with the usual technicality. Honestly I prefer my tech death the way they have always put out, a pinch of grooves and breakdowns served with a delicious base of mind boggling riffs and technical solos and drumming. So if you’re like me,  I bet this album is one of those in your list of “Can’t wait for this album”. 26 years down the punishing line and they are back after a gap of five years since their last studio album, ‘Reign Supreme‘ in 2012. ‘Wrong One To Fuck With‘ is the eighth offspring Dying Fetus has come up with and is all set to release on June 23rd, 2017 via Relapse Records.

The first single in the form of an official music video, from a gig shot live at the Voltage Lounge in Philadelphia, PA, has been released on April 20th, 2017 entitled, Fixated On Devastation“. And boy, I shit you not this new single sounds epic as fuck, just the unique repertoire Dying Fetus possesses in delivering music of such impeccable monstrosity. Right off the hook, they start off the song with some bizzare jaw dropping tapping solo that will leave you spellbound, followed by some groove which helps you in headbanging and hence releasing the energy that builds up right from the start. John Gallagher as always pulls off some insane guitaring skills and so does Sean Beasely and Trey Williams with his bass and commendable drumming respectively. This song has everything you need, from guitaring that can readily challenge the speed of light, drumming that could induce epilepsy, to groovy breakdowns. No one shuffles speed and grind better than Dying Fetus. I can already say this album is going to be worth the five years of waiting. Dying Fetus and tech death fans time to raise those horns up.

Wrong One To Fuck With‘, track listing:
1. Fixated on Devastation
2. Panic Amongst the Herd
3. Die With Integrity
4. Reveling in the Abyss
5. Seething With Disdain
6. Ideological Subjugation
7. Weaken the Structure
8. Fallacy
9. Unmitigated Detestation
10. Wrong One To Fuck With
11. Induce Terror(Bonus Track)

Dying Fetus is currently touring Europe as special guests for Hatebreed‘s, ‘The European Confessional Part I’ tour. So, if you’re in and around in any of these following cities be sure to go see them,

Pre-orders are already up, go ahead grab your copy of ‘Wrong One To Fuck With‘ here,
Relapse Website | Bandcamp

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