Review: DECONBRIO – ‘Hail To The Liars Throne’ [Stream]

Deconbrio is a Coldwave / Industrial Rock band from Knoxville, Tennessee headed by frontman Danny Rendo. The vocalist also writes, produces and records the music. Since the band’s last release they have added some new members to the already talented group. Second guitarist Wolfegang and new bassist Kevin Humler have rounded out their live lineup while the band recently unveiled their latest release ‘Hail To The Liars Throne’ which was issued on November 9, 2016. The album is a slight change from the band’s 2012 EP “Voyeur” which showcased ample amounts of anger within the music. While ‘Hail To The Liars Throne’ does carry with it an aggressive tone, it takes you through a wide range of emotions from the time the track begins and ends. It’s a roller coaster ride of emotionally filled industrial rock that you are sure to enjoy. 

“The End” is an inspirational intro that transitions you into Deconbrio’s sound with some motivational spoken word. “These scars don’t make me a slave” is just one line from the band’s abundant amount of in depth lyrics. There is an overwhelming compassion in Rendo’s lyrics. It’s easily understood that it is much more than words to him, and the manner in which he delivers the vocals leaves us hanging on every word. “The Heart” is the first true song on the album and you immediately hear the bands’ industrial influences. Vocalist Danny Rendo has a varying style that includes a nu-metal sound and then evolves into more of a scream. Sometimes with a vocalist they can only sing in one manner and you don’t get that here. The vocals progress through this song and others creating a great contrast and never a dull moment. On the song “The Monster”, their music takes a more upbeat approach and the chorus has this amazing melodic feel that will have you singing along. The lyrical content is somewhat more simple in comparison to the other songs, but it has a groove that gives the song incredible power. “The Feeling Remains” almost comes across as an industrial lullaby. The vocals take on more of a gentle whisper for portions of the track. It’s takes incredible talent to sing in a gentile manner yet it still comes across as aggressive. “The Change” is for those guitar-loving industrialists as the song gives us a huge guitar presence and has a beat that will keep your foot tapping along. Deconbrio brings back a late 90’s era industrial flare. At times the band could easily be compared to Nine Inch Nails, Black Light Burns and Orgy, which in my eyes are some amazing industrial bands. Of course this band isn’t a carbon copy of anyone, they have their own unique sound and it works perfectly for those who crave industrial goodness.

Follow Deconbrio on Facebook hereDeconbrio is one of almost 30 bands set to play the 828 Rockfest taking place at The Boiler Room in Asheville, N.C. on April 25th and being sponsored by Metal Nexus in partnership with JTaylor Entertainment.

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