Review: DECAPITATED – ‘Anticult’ [Official Videos]

Decapitated has been reigning since the year 2000, that year they also released their first full-length album ‘Winds Of Creation’. But, 1 album wasn’t enough for them so the album ‘The First Damned’ came to claim its righteous spot. After that they have released 4 beautifully dark albums, ‘Nihility’, ‘The Negation’, ‘Organic Hallucinosis’ and last but certainy not least ‘Carnival is Forever’, this album created a spot on the record label Nuclear Blast for these guys. The 2014 album ‘Blood Mantra’ is for sure one of my favorite releases from that year, this album marked their sound’s turn around. Roughly 3 years later they came back with another crazy fast album ‘Anticult’. It got out today, on the 7th of July. If you love their old sound combined with fast riffs then this is the album for you!

”Deathvaluation” will instantly show you what the band is made of, their sound has changed big time and that got to show as well. They kept their heaviness while adding insanely fast riffing to it. From the album this is definitely one of the songs that will remind you of their old sound the most. The vocals are as always top notch and the perfect combination between death and thrash vocal styles. They really did a great job on this one.

The 20th of July is the day where Decapitated released the second music video but this time for the song ”Earth Scar” and it has always remained my favorite song from the album. The production is perfect, the guitar tone is badass and groovy while the raw vocals finish the job beautifully. They also threw a nice guitar solo in the end too, can it get any better?

Yes it can! The 7th song from the album and  the first song to get their own music video is the song ”Never”. It got released via Nuclear Blast Records on youtube and it has been around since the 27th of April. This was our first sneak peek into the new album and it without a doubt was a great one. This is yet again a reason to love Decapitated, it goes straight into my collection!

“[Another] goal was to do shorter album,” says Vogg. “We didn’t want to waste time. The songs are more compressed and a better listen. Fans don’t need to wait too long for the next riff. That’s why it’s a cool listen. That’s why the arrangements on Anticult are better than the last time. The hardest thing, in my opinion, was keeping a good tempo. Before, songs were too fast and they lost the groove. Now, it’s different. We have lots of slow parts that have the perfect groove. I’m sure they’re going to kill when we play live.”

Photo Credits: Matthewknowsphotos

The whole album is just incredible, from the beginning till end it is just a never ending cycle of fast riffs with exceptional fitting vocals. The production is one of the best I have come across and the drumming fits the guitar work beautifully. The change in style has been a big step for the band but it paid off insanely well. I am a huge fan of deathcore/metal and thrash so an album that takes the best parts of those genres and puts them together like this is unforgettable. Every member owns their spot like no one else could, Decapitated is seriously talented and I am already hyped about their next step.

I can’t explain the meaning of ‘Anticult’ better than the members that created the whole album so here we go!

“You can find ‘cults’ everywhere and in everything we do,” explains Vogg. “Anticult, from one point of view, is a rage against all this values. An impulse. It makes you think: ‘What kind of world do we live in? Who or what pulls the strings? And what is our role here?’ So think of the title as finding your own ‘cult’. In that regard, Anticult is, from another point of view, about illumination. Or Noesis.”

Decapitated line-up:

Waclaw ‘Vogg’ Kieltyka | guitar
Michal Lysejko | drums
Hubert Wiecek |bass
Rafał ‘Rasta’ Piotrowski | vocals

You should defnitely take a look at their merch, it is brutal!

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