Review: DARK HELM – ‘Hymnus De Antitheist’ [Full Stream]

We are back with another Indian metalband and this time we present to you the mighty Dark Helm. After releasing their first album back in 2011 they are at it again with their second release called ‘Hymnus De Antitheist’. So grab some popcorn and let’s enjoy some quality metal from our Indian brothers!

Album Art

Who doesn’t love some proper death with many influences including some stellar djent? ‘Hymnes De Antitheist’ combines most if not all of the best aspects of multiple genres. With songs such as ”Fallacy” they show us how to end an album in the best way possible. The vibe is calm yet unsettling and dark all at the same time. It is the perfect ending to an album that involves just as much agression. With the fast and djenty riffs and vocals that will split you spine in half Dark Helm really outdid themselves on their latest release. And the odd but amazing ”clean” vocals add so much to the entire vibe too. In many ways you can see how some of what makes Dark Helm the act it is today really comes through in songs like ”Embers” & ”Loss Laments”. And once I found out that Mohanish played the guitar, keyboard and produced and came up with the lyrics I knew that I found a band with real diverse artists. And it only made the album so much better. I don’t think anyone could have done a better job producing then one of their own members. And he has such a great mind too!

“I hate the fact that humans, an example of peak intelligence and (debatably) peak evolution have been such a let-down. Our ability to question (humans being the only species capable of doing that again) could have led us to something so beautiful. Instead we chose this cesspool. These are the thoughts reflected in the music and lyrics of the album.”

Now all there is left to do is to play ‘Hymnus De Antitheist’ fully on their bandcamp page right below!

Dark Helm:

Guitars – Mohanish Deshmukh
Bass – Shubhrayu De
Vocals – Dhairya Anand
Keyboards/Programming – Mohanish Deshmukh

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