Review: Creedsmen Arise “Temple” [Stream]


Creedsmen Arise are a relatively new band, and they hail from Boras, Sweden. They haven’t even been together a year yet, that anniversary isn’t until November. Guitarist Simon admitted to me that the band didn’t really find their sound until March. In a span of several months the band was able to not only find their sound but also perfect it. They went a certain direction and didn’t slow down. Unfortunately, shortly after the release of their debut EP “Temples” the lead singer Gustaf has split from the band. They are now a 3 piece for the time being but are seeking a new singer and will hold auditions soon. They again may have to find their sound, or adapt to whomever they choose to fill void in the band.

The opening track on the EP starts with a bass line that is just the definition of doom. The whole thing just has a fuzzy kind of feel to it. For a few minutes you think it’s going to be an instrumental and then when you least expect it the vocals ring out like gunshots from a bell tower. Clean and well defined vocals go so well with the dirty doom sound that the band has built. The song just develops these layers of music that aren’t common within metal. Every minute or so into the track a new dimension of their sound is unveiled. The track lasting an amazing 10 minutes has a chant like chorus line near the end that in a way has a grunge feel to it. Track 2 begins in a similar fashion as the first one. Slow and low with a gentle whisper echo lingering through the track. The track isn’t over packed with vocals, it’s simple and it works. “Circle of Clergymen” has this amazing groove to it, and the vocals just really send this song in the right direction. The band in a way reminds you of an upbeat doom band. The vocals really stand out, and keep me wanting more. When you least expect it the vocals change and there are some screams as the pace of the song speeds up. They don’t add too many vocals in any of the songs, so it leaves satisfied but also you feel like a crack head fiend wanting more. The tones, the pace, the vocal style and the less is more simplicity of the band make them all the more enjoyable.

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