Review: CHELSEA GRIN – ‘Eternal Nightmare’ [Official Music Videos]

You would expect a band to be dead after their last original member (Alex) left and got replaced by another vocalist but Chelsea Grin overall and especially after the up and coming record ‘Eternal Nightmare’ is better than ever. Some may think they would be better off renaming the band since so much changed but I think that this album is truly a piece of Chelsea Grin!

Long time Chelsea Grin fans might already expect it, there is yet again another line-up change for the band. After being the vocalist for the band since ‘Desolation Of Eden’ all the way through ‘My Damnation’, ‘Ashes To Ashes’ and their 2016 piece ‘Self Inflicted’ Alex decided to distance himself from the band and get replaced by Lorna Shore founder Tom Barber and after listening to ‘Eternal Nightmare’ I think Tom might have opened a great new chapter for the band.

The second heaviest but without a doubt the most brutal track is opener ”Dead Rose”. There couldn’t be any song better for the introduction to any eternal nightmare. Being released far before the full release already got the music video over 1 million views and likes and that isn’t without reason. The 27th of April released song (via RiseRecords) will make your worst nigtmares become reality. This right here is the good old Chelsea Grin we all know and love but now with one of the best vocalist in the game, Tom Barber!

Talking about brutality? Well ”See You Soon” is full of it. It has been released prior to the entire album as a single and has only received love so far. And how else could it be? The combination of the chugging instruments and the spine cutting vocals are out of this damned world. Tracks like these will never tire me and hearing them on a 2018 Chelsea Grin record? Can’t get any better!

The song we all have been (or at least me) waiting for is called ”Limbs”. It hasn’t been released so far but trust me when I say that you will instantly fall in love with it. It starts off somewhat slow and melodical and then gets progressively heavier (and better) until it can’t be hold on to any longer. And when the riff breaks down at the end I am telling you, you will start that mosh pit regardless of your surroundings.

If you haven’t completely demolished everything yet wait and see ater listening to the track that will end it all: ”Eternal Nightmare”! It will open up your worst nightmare and leave you with it for all eternity until you slowly rot as a lonely unnamed soul on this godforsaken Earth.

Now since a lot changed recently for the band you may have some questions, well Chelsea Grin made a full comprehensive statement regarding the album and the line-up changes so check it out

“Shit-talkers, rejoice! There is a lot of news to be shared from the CG camp, much of it bittersweet. For some time now, our band has wandered through what felt like hell and back. Medical conditions, personal pressures, tour conflicts and more. It is not in our nature to let this get the best of us, so we always have and will carry on headstrong and determined.

“Alex Koehler has opted to part ways with the band following his recent time spent in rehab and the life changes he’s made in newly found sobriety. We are all at a mutual understanding that the nomadic and trying nature of touring is much too volatile of an environment for a recovering alcoholic. He has made huge strides forward in shaping a new and positive lifestyle, and we will always do our part to support our friend and brother. We are still very close, of course, and it goes without saying that we wish him all the strength and willpower needed to continue his inspiring progress. We ask that all of you respectfully do the same for Alex.

“Furthermore, late last year Jacob Harmond parted ways with the band; you may have noticed via social media or on our most recent Never Say Die tour. Jacob recently had his second of two children, and has found his passion redirected toward family and personal goals. Again, his parting was carried out entirely amicably and with absolutely no hard feelings. As with Alex, we will forever support Jacob and his family, and will always remain close friends.

“Surely, this all comes as heavy news to our supporters and long time fans, but we want to confidently reassure that Chelsea Grin remains strong. During the recording process, we were faced with the challenge of pushing past obstacles to finish creating an album we were already so emotionally invested in. We had to weigh all options realistically, but abandoning our passion was never one. Our good friend and ally, Tom Barber, has stepped up to the plate to help us achieve a sound we had never imagined. His talent and drive allowed us a renewed energy, making the choice clear. Please provide Tom a warm welcome into the band, and saddle up for a darker, more aggressive sound than you’ve heard from us yet.

“At this point, we are done cycling faces through the band for both your sakes and ours; we will be carrying on live as a four-piece. After finding our strongest sound yet, we want to avoid confusion and a shift from the current creative focus, in addition to adding yet another face to a seemingly ever-changing lineup. We will absolutely be delivering the same crushing performance and presence as always.

The brand new Chelsea Grin lineup is as follows:

Tom Barber – Vocals
David Flinn — Guitar
Stephen Rutishauser — Bass
Pablo Viveros — Drums

Can’t wait till the 13th of July? Pre-order ‘Eternal Nightmare’ here!

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