Review: ALESTORM – ‘No Grave But The Sea’ [Official Videos]

Alestorm is a folk/powermetalband but I would rather call it pirate metal because that sounds way better and it fits their style like no other genre can. They have been around since 2004 and made 6 albums till this date including their best and latest album ‘No Grave But The Sea’ that will get released on the 25th of May. All their album have been about pirates and everything about them but they only get better with every album, lyrically they have improved a lot and now they have acquired catchy melodies and vocals that will remind you of how good life can be. ‘Captain Morgan’s Revenge’, ‘Black Sails At Midnight’, ‘Back Through Time’, ‘Life At The End Of The World’ and my personal favorite ‘Sunset On The Golden Age’ are all the albums that Alestorm have made so far and they show to be just like red wine. Alestorm has been known to experiment with genres, going from thrashy albums like ‘Black Sails At Midnight’  to albums like ‘Sunset On The Golden Age’ which featured some death growls. They are a pirate metal metal band with pleasing melodies and lyrics that will make you believe you were born a pirate. Who takes care of something this catchy and amusing you might ask. Well it’s vocalist Christopher Bowes who also plays the keyboard and the keytar, now you might be asking yourself what is a keytar? It’s basically the funniest looking electronic keyboard there is. The keytar is not an instrument everyone knows of let alone knows how to play so finding someone that is skilled with it is really unique. He is assisted by guitar player Máté Bodor, drummer Peter Vernon, basisst and back up vocalist Gareth Murdock and insane keyboardist and also back up vocalist Elliot Vernon. These people knows how to take care of a good party. ‘No Grave But The Sea’ has just like every other album they have created been released by the record label Napalm Records and the moment a band hasn’t changed their record label since their first album you know you stumbled upon a good band.

Oh man what am I excited to talk about the song ”Mexico”. It got released on the 5th of May on Napalm Records and it almost got 500.000 views and over 10.000 likes! This is everything people want from them, it’s hilarious and it has majestic guitar riffs that will take care of all your worries for just a second. Right at the start you will notice Alestorm casually standing around a slot machine with their own game playing in the background and ofcourse Gareth is having a beer. The intro gives exactly the vibe you were hoping for, a slot machine vibe. While that is going on the melodic guitar riffs start to kick in and the song has officially started to be amazingly funny. Want to take a look at the goofy lyrics? Click HERE!

Wonder what a heavier kind of Alestorm would sound like? Well their song ”Alestorm” shows they got everything in them to make a song heavy. This song also got out via Napalm Records but this time on the 21th of April. Now what is better then an Alestorm song that features some heavier vocal styles? A heavy Alestorm song with mini-Alestorm people fighting with drunken giant Alestorm on stage! Yes you read it right, Alestorm now has mini versions of themselves that are (obviously) drunk. Click HERE if you want to witness all this craziness.

”Rum, beer, quests and mead, these are the things that a pirate needs”.

”Fucked With An Anchor” is the 6th song from the album and this one is even crazier and dumber than you ever thought Alestorm could be. First let that title sink in for a few second. And second of all, if you ever thought that an Alestorm song couldn’t get any more funny, stupid or bottom line idiotic you made a huge mistake because this song reaches far beyond that. This song is just a huge fuck you towards anyone you don’t like. I could talk all day about how silly yet amazing this song is but you should just buy the album HERE and see it for yourself, A real pirate wouldn’t say no to an album like this.

Where to begin. This album is just hilarious but also completely stupid in a good way. I laughed the whole time while I was writing about this album. This is exactly Alestorm, there are just no other words to explain what this is. The guitar riffs are perfectly harmonized and the keyboard makes you want to become a pirate and drink beer all day. The album contains as quoted by the band ”Stupid songs about getting drunk and stealing treasure”. This is just the perfect laid back album when you are either drunk, stoned or in a funny mood. When you aren’t you should be aware because listening to the album might make you realise that 1 beer is just all you need or that you have always wanted to buy a massive ship and go sailing on the Carribbean Sea but be careful because you could come across the ship of Alestorm or even the glorious rubber duck. 

Visit their online merch store HERE for their CDs, merch and the famous Rubber Duck.

Alestorm is also touring this year, click HERE to check that out!

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