REBEL WIZARD Premieres Video For “Mother Nature, Oh My Sweet Mistress…” [Video & Album Stream]

Rebel Wizard just premiered the brand-new video for “Mother Nature, Oh My Sweet Mistress, Showed Me the Other Worlds and It Was Just Fallacy,” off of the new album ‘Voluptuous Rapture of Worship and Response’ via Prosthetic Records.

The video for the hazily inebriated black metal track is as lo-fi as it gets as we see the one-man mastermind behind the music, Bob Nekrasov hanging out in full dark wizard garb, playing guitar in his kitchen through the voyeuristic eye of a rain-soaked camera lens with a filter of kaleidoscopic colors. We see him take frequent sips of various alcoholic beverages because why the hell not? Then, like a true gentleman, he gives things a quick once-over with spray cleaner and a sponge. I mean come on, just because you’re black metal doesn’t mean you can’t be sanitary too, right?

Anyway, finishing off the clip, we head outside to revisit a horse from earlier in the video for the simple reason of zero fucks, and then take a nice stroll off into the un-landscaped backyard vegetation. Check out this video if you like outside the box creativity and kickass stoner black metal. It will not disappoint.

Grab your copy of the ‘Voluptuous Rapture of Worship and Response,’ the album that Pitchfork, MetalSucks, LA Weekly, and more named as one of their Best Metal Albums of 2018 here.


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