RAMMSTEIN Teases Short Clip From New Upcoming Video For Friday

2019 is just three months down and we already have great releases from metal’s top shots lined up the sleeve. Among the many dropping their new albums, probably the most anticipated one are from the big bad German boys in RAMMSTEIN. Till Lindemann and his troupe have been teasing us with photos and stills from the music videos they’ve been shooting, studio updates regarding the completion of mixing their new album which was back in January. I guess we can finally say we have some cloud drift off the suspense finally today. RAMMSTEIN today has posted a short teaser which I assume is from one of their new videos, which might drop this Friday, 28th of March, as it states in the video, titled, “XXVIII.III.MMXIX“. You can see the members standing on the gallows with the noose on their necks ready to be hanged, in the video.

RAMMSTEIN have been teasing for quite a bit now regarding their new album, which reportedly drops this spring. The teasers have been seen with regular hashtags of #duhastvielgeweint #RammsteinDeutschland, the former which translates to “you cried a lot.” We’re still not sure if that would be the title of the album or of the first single, but it does sound curious enough to keep your eyes peeled at what these Germans are about to drop this Friday. 

Here are some of the other teasers the band have been posting and keeping the fans at the edge of their seats.

Here’s the first one RAMMSTEIN providing a studio update.

This one might be from a music video shoot that says, “… no fire, but nuns!“. Not sure if that is the title of one of their songs, but the stills look amazing. It definitely looks typical RAMMSTEIN with religious context in the video, something the band loves toying with. Jonas Akerlund, who has already directed the live video “Paris“, is spearheading the directorial duties again for the new videos.

And here we can see the gentlemen in suits and a vintage car looking classy AF!

RAMMSTEIN flew down to Los Angeles and have been collaborating with Rich Costey for the new record, who’s also worked with MUSE, MASTODON, DEFTONES etc., to name a few.

In an interview with Rolling Stones Germany, guitarist Richard Kruspe said that the band wants to release five music videos all together from the upcoming record. The teasers of which they’ve made sure to keep the audience posted. The new touring cycle after the release will start from June 28, and they’re playing stadium shows in Europe.

The album drops on the 17th of May, the band has confirmed, and we can’t wait any more longer. Friday, be upon us already!!

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