NAILS Just Released A Fast & Incredibly Brutal Track Called ”I Don’t Want To Know You”!

Known for packing short tracks with fast and always changing riffs, nasty vocals and a chaotic vibe are Nails. With 3 complete records and 2 hard hitting EP’s they are already unstoppable and unmatched in their territory!

Having released another fast paced song on the 12th of April are the angriest sounding band mates you will ever witness. Released via Nuclear Blast just like their famous track ”You Will Never Be One Of Us” is their latest release ”I Don’t Want To Know You” and after listening to the song you know exactly why. I have heard many heavy bands but nothing comes close to the chaos Nails creates with their music videos. They truly are hardcore punk at its finest!


Todd Jones – Vocals, Guitar
Leon Del Muerte – Guitar
John Gianelli – Bass
Taylor Young – Drums

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