Michael Beinhorn: “I Never Felt That Sonically Their Records Were Saying A Whole Lot”

Michael Beinhorn is a legendary producer who’s work has spanned over four decades and countless genres. He has helmed the boards for some of the most iconic albums of all time from Soundgarden‘s ‘Superunknown’ to Soul Asylum‘s ‘Grave Dancer’s Union’.  Michael’s work with Hole on their breakout album, ‘Celebrity Skin’, netted him one of his four Grammy nominations over his illustrious career.

Celebrated producer Michael Beinhorn joins the BREWtally Speaking Podcast to discuss his new music consulting business that helps bands with their song writing and pre production phases.  Michael also opens up about working with Ozzy Osbourne on “OZZmosis” album and why it was important that Geezer Butler be on the record, to working with Korn at the peak of their popularity on ‘Untouchables’.  An album that stands out amongst the bands vast catalogue and has been quite polarizing among the bands fans since its release.

Beinhorn also recounts his time spent working with Hole on their Grammy winning album,’Celebrity Skin’, and the issues that arose during the recording process to working with Marilyn Manson on ‘Mechanical Animals’ and all the nuance that record had.


Listen to the full interview with Michael below:




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