Metal Nexus Staff Spotify Playlist: September [Streaming]


Our goal has always been to turn people on to new music and bands they may not have heard before. We have brought you reviews, interviews, concert reviews and showcased based across the globe; now we want to bring that music directly to your ears. Using Spotify our talented staff will hand select songs each month for your listening pleasure. Some of the music we have selected is quite obscure so we hope our endorsement helps the artists reach a wider audience in a similar fashion to how using a service like UseViral would. The broad-ranging taste in music of our staff is sure to give you a variety of music and hopefully will turn you on to some new tunes. Spotify is a fantastic platform for artists to share their music with the world. Are you an aspiring artist or musician? If so, and you are looking to give your Spotify account a boost, you might want to Buy real spotify plays so that more people can get the chance to discover your music. For more information, head to the Get Fans website. Be sure to let us know what songs you like and who has the best selection; but in the end we hope you enjoy it all. If you don’t have access to Spotify you might want to find out how to unblock Spotify so that you can enjoy the music you love! Ultimately, there are a few reasons why you might be blocked from accessing Spotify. For example, in some areas, there are government restrictions and sometimes an overzealous network administrator could even be responsible. That being said, one possible way to unblock Spotify is through the use of a VPN. You can learn more about the benefits of using a VPN by doing some further research online. So, which songs managed to make our playlist? Now presenting The Metal Nexus Spotify Playlist: September.


Death Will Tremble – “Mona”- (Mona released May 2016)

-16- “Peaches, Cream And The Placenta”- (Lifespan Of A Moth released July 15 2016)

Flaw – “Do You Remember”- (Divided We Fall released August 19 2016)

Dope – “Blood Money”- (Blood Money releases on September 13th 2016)

Family – “Flood Gates”- (Future History released July 15th 2016)


Foghound – “Serpentine”- (The World Unseen released July 8th 2016)

Anthrax – “Breathing Lightning”- (For All Kings released March 25th 2016)

Spellcaster – “Betrayal”- (Night Hides The World released July 8th 2016)

Psychic Sun – “Remembrance Day” – (Death Rattle released March 18th 2016)

Goatess – “Purgatory Under New Management”- (Purgatory Under New Management released April 15th 2016)


Darling Down – “The Man Vs”- (Single released April 29 2016)

Mr. Bella – “Don’t Tell Me No”-(Single released June 14th 2016)

TILT – “No Superman”- (Hinterland released June 30th 2016)

Opeth – “Sorceress”-(Single released August 2nd 2016)

Layden And The Lion – “Family Tree”- (Lost And Lonely With Everything released May 3rd 2016)


Periphery -“Marigold”- (Select Difficulty released July 22nd 2016)

A Day To Remember – “Paranoia”-(Bad Vibrations released September 2nd 2016)

Thrice – “Black Honey”- (To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere released May 27th 2016)

Navajo Witch – “Void”- (Ghost Sickness released 2016)

Avatar – “Tooth, Beak & Claw”- (Feathers And Flesh released May 13th 2016)


Powerwolf – “Let There Be Night”- (Metal Mass- Live released August 19 2016)

Valtikan – “A Warrior’s Path”- (Exordium released June 20th 2016)

Primal Fear – “In Metal We Trust”- (Rulebraker released January 20th 2016)

Avantasia – “Mystery of A Blood Red Rose”- (Ghostlights released January 29th 2016)

Iron Savior – “Way Of The Blade”-(Titancraft released May 20th 2016)


Allegaeon – “Proponent For Sentience III”- (The Extermination released September 23rd 2016)

Nothing – “Eaten By Worms”- (Tired Of Tomorrow released May13th 2016)

Painted Wives – “Hollow Bones”- (Obsessed With The End released April 29th 2016)

Dust Bolt – “Mass Confusion”- (Mass Confusion released July 8th 2016)

Universal Mind Project – “Truth”- (The Jaguar Priest released April 29th 2016)


Cancerous Womb – “Isolation Frenzy”- (It Came to this released July 5th 2016)

Infant Annihlator – “Baptized. Bastardized. Sodomized”.- (The Elysian Grandeval Galeriarch released July 29th 2016)

Blood Incantation – “Chaoplasm”- (Starspawn released August 19th 2016)

Fit For An Autopsy – “Flatlining”- (The Depression Sessions released August 12th 2016)

Sunrise Skater Kids – “Trigger Warning”- (Friendville released April 1st 2016)

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