MARILYN MANSON Unleashes Second Track From Upcoming Album Titled “KILL4ME” (Audio Streaming)

Veteran shock rocker MARILYN MANSON has dropped a second single from his forthcoming album “Heaven Upside Down”.  The track is called ‘KILL4ME’ and can be streamed below.

“Heaven Upside Down” will mark the 10th studio release from Mason. The album was produced by TYLER BATES whom also worked with Manson on his previous studio album 2015’s “The Pale Emperor”.

Mason also recently released a violent new music video for “We Know Where You F**king Live”.

“Heaven Upside Down”  track listing

  1.  Revelation #12
  2. Tattooed In Reverse
  3. We Know Where You F**king Live
  4. Say10
  5. Kill4me
  6. Saturnalia
  7. Je$u$ Cri$i$
  8. Blood Honey
  9. Heaven Upside Down
  10. Threats Of Romance

Marilyn Manson’s Tour in support of the new album is set to begin September 27th in Silver Springs Maryland.


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