LORDS OF ACID Bring The Pretty In Kink Tour To Minneapolis [Review & Photos]




The iconic techno/industrial giants, Lords Of Acid, have been making their way through the United States on The Pretty In Kink Tour. They brought along an assortment of acts, Orgy, Genitorturers, and Little Miss Nasty, and gave everybody an unforgettable trip of entertainment.




First up was Little Miss Nasty. They were a high-octane female outfit that mixed rock-n-roll with a burlesque show. The show was well choreographed as the quartet danced and moved to music by Rage Against The Machine, Korn, Marilyn Manson and Pantera. These ladies were highly skilled dancers and they pulled off the routines flawlessly. Professional dancing is extremely difficult and Little Miss Nasty made it look effortless and that’s a credit to the hours of hard work put into it. They performed two sets during the night and also met and took pictures with fans.



The Genitorturers would take the stage next. Originating from Orlando, Florida in the mid-eighties, they have proclaimed themselves “The World’s Sexiest Rock Band.” The band consisted of singer Gen, guitarist Eric Griffin, Ryan Seelbach on bass, and Kriz D.K. on drums. Their set revolved around an S&M themed look, which provided a visual spectacle that was hard to take your eyes off. Gen changed costumes throughout while the band provided a sonic attack that was intense and energetic. Some of the songs played included “Razor Cuts,” “The One Who Feeds,” and “Devil In A Bottle” which featured a devil that stood eight feet or more walking around the stage. Describing this set with words won’t give you the full idea and effect of the Genitorturers, its something you just have to experience for yourself to fully understand it.



Orgy was formed in 1994 in Los Angeles, California. They carefully formulated a blend of industrial music mixed with a pop influence. Only vocalist Jay Gordon remains from the original line-up as he has resurrected the band to continue to push itforward. They opened with the song “Army To Your Party” and then into “Dissention.” They sounded great and vocally Gordon was on his game. The band was entertaining and the energy of the songs transferred into the crowd. They maneuvered through a nine-song set that included “Talk Sick,” “Suckerface,” and “Come Back.” Momentum was building as everybody was anticipating the song that put them on the map. Before that, we got “Stitches” which set the table for the big closer, “Blue Monday.” That New Order cover appeared on the 1998’s ‘Candyass’ and rocketed the band into the limelight. The crowd ate up every second of it and Gordon jumped off the stage and worked around the room to let people sing the song into the microphone.



Lords Of Acid would command the stage next. The history and success of the band is nothing short of incredible. Since Praga Khan founded the band, they have sold over 2.5 million albums and have survived the constant changing of musical landscapes for over three decades. The band has endured countless line-up changes and every crisis imaginable but somehow, in 2019, they are once again touring and supporting a new album called ‘Pretty In Kink.’ The line-up for this tour included Sin Quirin (Ministry, 3 Headed Snake) on guitar, Dietrich Thrall (Beauty In TheSuffering, Doyle) on bass, drummer Galen Waling (Pig, Julien-K) and vocalist Marieke Bresseleers. Of course, everything revolves around the mastermind of Praga Khan as he stands behind his keyboards. Opening with “Sex Bomb” set the mood and you could feel the build-up as they blasted into “Scrood Bi U.” Vocalist Bresseleers took control of the crowd with her energy and personality. They then hit the new album with two songs, “Break Me,” and “Sex Cam Girl,” next and they sounded great.

Lords Of Acid are a different kind of animal when you’re standing in front of them as opposed to listening to the albums. The music engulfs you, almost hypnotizes your senses as it sucks you into their world. I’ve never seen Lords Of Acid live until now and I figured it would be extremely heavy in keyboards, effects, and electronica. To my surprise, the other instruments were just as critical to the presentation of the music. Hearing that rhythm section fire in unison and Sin’s guitar punching a whole through the air gave the sound a whole different feel than I expected it to be. The visual aspect of the band streamlines right with the music. Everybody was waiting for the traditional inflatable dolls to hit the stage, in fact, fans brought their own in many cases. Another trademark is integrating people into the show. Fans were brought on stage to help celebrate the songs and the legacy that has endured for so long. The set was fifteen songs long and the expected songs like “Voodoo-U” and “Rubber Doll” made the list. The closing song took us back to where the story first began back in 1988, as “I Sit On Acid,” finished the night.  It was an impressive performance and it made me a believer in the Lords Of Acid. I guess I’m a few decades late to the party, but I’m fully on board now. Praise The Lords!



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