KISSING CANDICE Release Second Track ”Tilt” Of Upcoming EP ‘Safe Word’!

Locked your doors yet? And what about your wives? Kissing Candice is officially back in town! Their brand new EP ‘Safe Word’ is set to release on the 17th of November and the 4th track ”Tilt” has already been made public so stop whatever you are doing and get right in!

If you don’t know them yet let me quickly introduce you to them. They started out with their 2012 EP ‘Murder’ which got followed up by the 2013 EP ‘Conjured’. But it doesn’t stop there, some time later they came together to create their first album called ‘Blind Until We Burn’ which is filled with distinct themes of horror defiance and horror laced hysteria. So now that we got that out of the way let’s start talking about the news!

Finally! Kissing Candice is back and they are ready to take over. After releasing the first song of the album called ”(DE)GENERATION” they instantly got me hooked on the headbanging riffs and their overall uniqueness as a band but with ”Tilt”, released via StaySick Recordings on the 31th of October, they have convinced me that this EP might be a game changer. Get it right below!

Pre-order ‘Safe Word’: Digital/physical

Kissing Candice members:

Joey – Vocals
Dreamer – Guitar/Clean Vocals
Nephew – Guitar
Grippo – Bass
Pak-Man – Drums

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