Kings Of Strings: Nik Nocturnal!

We are back with another Kings Of Strings and this time it is the mighty Nik! From this week on we will be featuring a guitarist/bassist every saturday, so keep your eyes open and let’s get right into it!

Besides being a kick ass cover artist Nik also spends some of his time on making records like ‘Undying Shadow’. It is (just like ‘The Well’ & ‘Calamity’) focused on djenty riffs that will pierce right through the darkest of shadows. And the many different vocal features work out great with the well written riffs from Nik. His riffage is the perfect glue that keeps the whole thing together and just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, it does!

Nik doesn’t ”just” do covers, he also creates them in rapid speed! He almost always manages to get it done in just a couple of hours. While you just noticed the new released song Nik is already finishing up his entire guitar cover for you to enjoy with a hot cup of coffee. Each time he nails the song and the fact that he does all of it by ear is one of the aspects of a String King for me. You can just tell Niko absolutely loves the tracks he does, truly¬†inspiring! And his cover of ”Holy Hell” is the perfect example of that!

Check out his used guitars & his biggest inspirations below!

I use 2 Schecters:
-6 String Schecter Hellraiser C1
-7 String Schecter Blackjack ATX 7 (For all lower tuned guitar work)

”I’ve been using these guitars for years because they always get the job done. They’re very durable and can handle the insane amount of tuning changes I put upon them. They also look great and feel very comfortable.

One of the biggest things that inspires me as an artist are the bands from the huge collection of covers I’ve done over the years. Those covers have allowed me to really understand how some of these amazing bands write and create guitar parts, so I try my best to learn from all of them and take as many different influences I can back to my own music. Since my Youtube channel has been growing I’ve actually been able to reach out to a lot of those bands and converse with them, sometimes even collaborate, that in itself is a huge bit of inspiration that reminds me every day how lucky I am.”’- Niko

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