Kings Of Strings: Chris Wiseman From Shadow Of Intent!

Shadow Of Intent is a symphonic death core band you may have heard of before, after the release of their first full album ‘Primordial’ people went crazy. It is melodic, symphonic, brutal and it is filled with riffs that will melt your face off. It is all you ever wanted but more. Prior to this masterpiece Shadow Of Intent came together to create the 2014 EP ‘Inferi Sententia’ which touches more on the black and death metal side of things. If this wasn’t enough awesomeness already prepare yourself because on the 28th of April this year the album ‘Reclaimer’ landed on planet Earth and it is even better than you could ever imagine. I was sure that nothing could ever beat ‘Primordial’ but they proved me wrong. They are so ahead of the game it is unbelievable, it is inhuman how fast a band can grow and mature in such a small amount of time. They truly are all artists worth showcasing but since this segment is all about guitar players, let’s start off with back up vocalist and most importantly guitarist Chris Wiseman!

This song is everything you are looking for in a symphonic death core track, not only are the vocals out of this world the guitar riffs and solo’s are intense and executed with precision. All the elements that made this song great are definitely there yet they don’t overlapse each other. They instead make the mix sound even more brutal than it was in the first place. Right after finding the band Shadow Of Intent I knew these guys would make it. What I personally love about death core is the raw emotion in combination with the wide amount of vocal techniques and guitar playing that is used in the genre. You can let your mind run free and create whatever you want and that is exactly what these guys did and especially Chris. In a scene this huge he managed to create his own and step up his game every time, when you think he hit the top he shows us again and again what he is capable of. I recomment you all to check out all of his work for Shadow Of Intent, he has been there since the beginning (just like Ben) so if you haven’t gives his band a chance yet you are in for a great ride. You will be amazed!

Shadow Of Intent line-up:

Chris Wiseman: Guitars/Vocals/Samples
Ben Duerr: Vocals
Matt Kohanowski: Drums
Keith Kohlhepp: Bass

Get ‘Reclaimer’ here.

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