Kings Of Strings: Buster Odeholm From Humanity’s Last Breath!

Before we go into the intense guitar skills and his very interesting way of playing we will first talk a little more about the band he is in, Humanity’s Last Breath!

Humanity’s Last Breath delivers a deathcore package only they can provide, while they name is utterly awesome so are their thall sounding riffs next to the inhuman vocals that go along with it. Hailing from Helsingsorg, Sweden you really can’t expect less, the country is known to have some great metal bands and this is without a doubt one of them. They started strong with the debut ‘Structures Collapse’ in 2011 that got followed up by their self titled album which is, in my opinion, one of the greatest albums of that year. The ‘Detestor’ EP came out last year and it still gives me goosebumps, you simply can’t be prepared for the amount of brutalness that this EP offers. Enough about Humanity’s Last Breath, let’s get right into the part where we talk about Buster Odeholm!

Right above you will see the official guitar playthrough of the single ”Abyssal Mouth”. The music video (click here to watch it) got released on the 21th of July and the playthrough on the 29th of August this very year. It is a mind blowing single that is out of this world.

Before we go in-depth about the playthrough I have to mention his playing style. It is very unique since Buster plays a right handed guitar while being left handed himself. He learned to play at an early age on a right handed guitar that he flipped around, hence the strings are upside down. This makes it very weird but also very interesting to watch. 

Buster Odeholm fits the band perfectly, he has the image, playing style and the skills that this band requires. When taking a closer look at the playtrough you will first notice some somewhat easy stuff he pulls of but with time that changes completely. He becomes this skilled demon that stops at nothing. He is a diverse guitar player at its finest. He showcases his ability to play slow and steady, fast and furious and more. For sure an underrated guitarist in the deathcore community.

The guitar he uses in this specific video is the P.Kamecki Custom Model, it is a 6 string with a 28” scale bridge. What a way to play!

This will do for this week’s Kings Of Strings, hope you enjoyed and see you next time. For now, check out their website and follow them on facebook below! They got some amazing merch available.

Humanity’s Last Breath line-up:

Buster Odeholm – Prod, Mix/Master, Song Writing, Live Guitar.
Filip Danielsson – Vocals
Calle Thomer – Live Guitar
Marcus Rosell – Live Drums

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