A Killer Interview With Houston’s Love N War

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Love N War is a killer, Hard Rock/Heavy Metal outfit based out of Houston, TX that has been packing venues for years. Very popular, with a very cool, vintage Metal vibe, they are poised to explode onto the world stage. I recently was able to catch up with these vintage Metal monsters to get their perspective on the band, their music and where they are going. Enjoy what they had to say in our interview with this up and coming band.

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Love N War is:

John Adams – Lead Guitar/Vocals
Jeff Vandenberghe – Lead Vocals
Donnie Bragg – Drums
Ray Soliz – Bass Guitar

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Love N War Interview:

Hey guys! Thanks for taking the time to interview with us. Much appreciated and never taken for granted.

Odyssey: To start, please give us a brief history of Love N War for those that may not have heard of you (who started the band, how sound/lineup has evolved, etc.).

Love N War: The band was formed in 2000 by me, John Adams and singer Jeff Vandenberghe with the addition of new drummer Donnie Bragg in 2004. Bassist Ray Soliz was added in 2010 to form the current line up.

Odyssey: You definitely have that fun, late 70’s/early 80’s Hard Rock vibe. Who are some of the bands that influenced you to play in this style?

Love N War: UFO, Aerosmith, Dokken, Whitesnake, Zeppelin etc….

Odyssey: I am assuming that you chose this style because you modern music is lacking in some way? Care to elaborate if I am on target?

Love N War: Our music is a product of our influences, thus the early vibe!

Odyssey: What do you view as your defining quality that separates you from other bands that play similar music?

Love N War: I would have to say our energy, especially our live shows!

Odyssey: Obviously digging the vintage tone, are there any new bands that peak your interest? Who and what is the attraction?

Love N War: I like “Rival Sons” for their Zeppelin vibe. I also like “Winery Dogz” for the bluesy groove!

Odyssey: What kind of audiences do you draw? What is the responses from the younger/heavier crowd?

Love N War: We have a great following in Houston our home town, and pack the house! We have great response the younger/heavier crowd. There is a resurgence in this genre of music that catching on to the younger generation!

Odyssey: What has been your been your highest moment as a band? Why?

Love N War: Supporting lie shows for bands such as Ratt, UFO, Queensryche, Night Ranger, Loudness, MSG, Winger, Y&T, Sebastian Bach, Ace Frehley, Krokus

Odyssey: What has been your biggest challenge and why?

Love N War: Rehearsing, Our work schedules are tough!!

Odyssey: Your album “Up the Annie” has been recently re-released. Give us some insight into the writing and lyrical processes/influences for this release (collaborative or different individuals responsibilities, where song themes come from, etc.)

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Love N War: John Adams writes all the music, collaborates with singer Jeff VandenBerghe on the lyrics. Songs are influenced by our daily lives and relationships with others

Odyssey: Is there any subject matter and/or style that you stay away from? Why?

Love N War: Politics. Too serious and argumentative!

Odyssey: Is there anything that Love N War has never done that you guys would like to try?

Love N War: Yes, play festivals and large concerts. Also play Europe!

Odyssey: You play a lot in and around Texas. Have you or are there plans for a broader scope of the US or overseas?

Love N War: Yes, hoping the release of our new CD will give us enough exposure to be picked up by a label or promoter to do some high profile shows!

Odyssey: Played with any of your idols? Who? Give you nerves? What was their reaction to you?

Love N War: My big influence as a guitar player is Michael Schenker. Played with MSG three times. Played my heart out hoping he would hear me. He wasn’t too friendly so didn’t talk to him much, but was a little nervous the first time!

Odyssey: I saw that you are going back into the studio soon. What should we expect from your new release? Any tentative dates available yet?

Love N War: A hard driven melodic CD, due for release Fall of 2016!

Odyssey: Where do you record? Who does your production/mastering team include? What brought you to use this team?

Love N War: We record in Arcadia Missouri at Endeavor Studios with Gregg Gill who did Up the Annie, our first CD. Gregg and Love and War does production!

Odyssey: What are your feelings about the current state of the music industry? How does it affect Love N War? Where do you think the industry is headed? What would be your solutions for anything you think is negatively affecting bands?

Love N War: Tired of getting spoon feed the same crap: Rap, Country, R&B. Hard Rock gets no love in the USA. It’s not main stream anymore and it’s hard to get attention from labels for bands like us.

Odyssey: As is the case with every interview, the floor is completely open to you for rants, shout-outs or anything else you would like us to include…

Love N War: Find Love And War on Facebook (Houston, Texas) also on ReverbNation. Like our page and leave us a message!

Again, we here at Metal Nexus really appreciate your time and attention. Always fun and informative getting band perspectives directly from the horse’s mouth! All the best, gentlemen!

You can find all you want to know about Love N War on Facebook  and  ReverbNation

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