KEN MODE Reveal Details Of New Album, ‘Loved’; Watch Video For Debut Track

Critically-acclaimed power-trio KEN MODE will release their long-awaited new album ‘Loved‘ on August 31. The new album represents yet another high-caliber step forward in the group’s caustic sound, delving deeper, and darker than ever before. This vicious full-length may be the group’s quintessential statement of violence and despair made sonic. Pre-orders for ‘Loved‘ are available across multiple formats here.

Drawing from not only the desperate noise and industrial sonics of the 80’s and 90’s, KEN MODE has mixed in the decidedly more extreme tone and presence expertly captured by Andrew Schneider’s (CONVERGE, UNSANE, CAVE IN, DAUGHTERS, CULT OF LUNA and more) sick vision of noise and girth.
Here’s the extremely hideous album cover below.
Track List
1. Doesn’t Feel Pain Like He Should
2. The Illusion Of Dignity
3. Feathers & Lips
4. Learning To Be Too Cold
5. Not Soulmates
6. Very Small Men
7. This Is A Love Test
8. Fractures In Adults
9. No Gentle Art
We entered writing for this album with one goal in mind – to please the smile”, states front man Jesse Matthewson, referring to the cover piece by the band’s long-time collaborator Randy Ortiz – see below.
Jesse continues, “We wanted to make an album that represented a thinking person’s reaction to the political/technological climate we are existing in today. We wanted to make the perfect album to put on repeat while pushing your physical limits to their maximum, if only to silence the noise that is constantly whirring around inside of your own head, even for a brief moment. We wanted tones that bash and cut, and for you to feel that desperate part of yourself clawing for a way out. And then, just when things are at their most bleak, you start to focus on what’s actually being said, and you’ll see the humour in absolutely everything that is transpiring before you. THAT is Loved.
Recently the trio released their official music video for “Doesn’t Feel Pain Like He Should“, which also happens to be the first track and maiden single release from the upcoming album, ‘Loved‘. The music video is a chaotic interpretation of their corrosive nature of hardcore music. With a huge tinge of punk attitude, unforgiving and straight forward chaotic riffing and intense drumming KEN MODE are all set to deliver their most mordant and best release this August. Stream the all the new music video below.
Pre-Order KEN MODE‘s ‘LovedHERE!
Jesse Matthewson – Vocals
Guitar Shane Matthewson – Drums
Scott Hamilton – Bass
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