Jeff Waters of Annihilator On How Labels Rejected The Band “You’re Not Someone We Can Just Sign And Rip Off”

Annihilator is one of those bands you have heard about one way or another. Debuting with legendary thrash album ‘Alice In Hell’ and continuing the rage with albums such as ‘Set The World On Fire’, ‘Refresh The Demon’ and latest record ‘Triple Heat’ is something only they can say. A long list of former members, different line-ups and even record labels doesn’t slow Annihilator down, they have worked with what they had and make the absolute best of it and they will continue to do so. But enough of the past, Annihilator is already set to released a brand new album called ‘For The Demented’ which will release tomorrow on the 3th of November. So before you dive right into the details of the interview add the record to your collection here!

This week on the Talk Toomey podcast the guest was Jeff Waters from Annihilator. He talks about his upcoming record ‘For The Demented’ (set to release November 3th) and about the track ”One To Kill”. He talks about the long list of members in the band and if he knows all of them if they were to walk up to him. Jeff also mentions the 1992 thrash wave and explains what it meant for the band. He also explains how labels reacted to the band seeking a record deal and how they weren’t a young band and pretty much reject him by saying “You’re Not Someone We Can Just Sign And Rip Off”.  Last but certainly not least Jeff confesses his biggest challenges in life and talks about it with Toomey. Go ahead and listen to the full exchange below!

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