It’s 2019 and It’s Time To Djent with ROGUE [Video Streaming]

Louisiana band, R O G U E  are brand new and not something to overlook. They are a four-piece consisting of Jansen Nunez on vocals, Jeffrey Fisher of The Arbitrary on guitars, bass is Taylor Law and Nick Guidry on drums. This month the band will be releasing their debut EP, “Anomaly.”

They’re teased us once, twice and now a third time with yet another goddamn banger. The “Para” video came out today on all major streaming platforms. Seriously guys? Again? This song is djenty perfection. Hints of After the Burial-esque spastic tapping and the pit inducing verses. Of course, Nunez throws that gorgeous voice that sounds so longing and inviting. No expense spared here. It’s heavy as hell, it gets stuck in your head the moment its heard and its just fantastic. When will they be on tour with Periphery? Hopefully tomorrow. Looking forward to the release of the EP.

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