Howard Jones On Listening To Hip Hop “It’s A Way To Get Away From Heavier Music For A Little While”

Light The Torch


In 2012 left Killswitch Engage to gain control of his diabetes, which had been hard to control while on tour. There wasn’t much time off for him as he almost immediately formed Devil You Know. The original lineup of the band was Howard on vocals, Francesco Artusato (All Shall Perish, Hiss of Atrocities) – guitars, Ryan Wombacher  (Bleeding Through)– bass, backing vocals, Roy Lev-Ari (Hiss of Atrocities) – guitars and John Sankey (Divine Heresy, Fear Factory)– drums. Since then Roy Lev-Ari and John Sankey have left the band. The current drummer of the band is Mike Sciulara (Extinction A.D.). I was fortunate enough to see the band a couple times while on tour with Coal Chamber and on stage they put on an amazing show. Devil You Know released two albums ‘The Beauty of Destruction’ (2014) and ‘They Bleed Red’  (2015). Then on July 26, 2017, the band announced via social media that they have changed their name to Light the Torch. The band in a way wanted a fresh start, and I believe the name has a better ring to it. The band is now set to release their debut under the name Light The Torch with ‘Revival’ which released on March 30, 2018.

Metal Nexus Staffer Janson Bulpin was recently able to catch up with Light The Torch frontman and metalcore legend Howard Jones prior to the bands performance at SWX Bristol in Bristol, United Kingdom. Howard talks about writing some of the lyrics for the bands new album all outdoors, doing guest vocals alongside Dee Snider of Twisted Sister, and using hip hop as a way to get away from heavy music momentarily. He also talks about his new project with Peter Wichers from Soilwork which is named King Fighter and expects their first single to come out in the next 2 months, and also another project that he lended guest vocals to as well. The band has been on a U.K. tour supporting In Flames along with Norma Jean. Light The Torch is preparing now for a headlining tour which kicks off on April 25th and spans 4 dates including Bristol, London, Stoke-On-Trent, and ends in Leeds on 4/28. Check out the entire interview below.

It’s a way to get away from heavier music for a little while.

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