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Our friends and local radio rockers Kill Your Radio have been taking over the airwaves since their formation in 2012. Originally starting as an online podcast they amassed listeners from near and far thanks to the world wide interwebs. Though they were kicking ass and taking names on internet radio their goal was to eventually make it to terrestrial radio. The group now consists of Patrick Smith, Brian “Forrest” Joseph, Nick Morgan, Shawn Webb, and Adam Lewis and the group found a home on FM radio with Eastern Kentucky’s own WMMT 88.7. In April one member of the group 25 year old Thomas Sizemore passed away just 4 days after they were covering an event for the show. Even though the guys were distraught about the sudden loss of their friend and comrade they charged forward in his honor. The guys have since been covering shows both in and around the region like Rock on the Range, Carolina Rebellion, and Louder than Life. Recently Kill Your Radio has interviewed none other than Dave Mustaine, and Scott Ian. Along with playing a great selection of music the guys are able to entertain and keep your attention for the entirety of their show. Kill Your Radio has again set a new goal for themselves. As if FM radio wasn’t raising the bar high enough the guys are now making strides to be the newest show on SiriusXM radio. While I do enjoy Grant Random, Sluggo and Covino and Rich, I’m certain Kill Your Radio would bring some vibrancy into any channel they are added to. It’s not often that people are so close to achieving their goals and just need a little nudge. We are asking anyone and everyone to log onto Facebook and post on SiriusXm’s wall, send them tweets, mail them letters, or deliver them a singing telegram and let them know you want to hear Kill Your Radio on SiriusXm. You can find SiriusXm on Facebook here.

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Shawn Webb, Nick Morgan, Mark Tremonti (Alter Bridge, Creed, Tremonti), Eric Friedman(Projected, Creed, Tremonti) and Patrick Smith


Brian “Forrest” Joseph, and Adam Lewis

You can hear Kill Your Radio Tuesdays from 9pm to Midnight EST. Tune in and judge for yourself, laugh at them, laugh with them but you can bet your ass you will be entertained. If you are in Eastern Kentucky you can hear them on your radio dial at 88.7 FM. If you aren’t in the region go to the following link and stream the show live here. They often give tickets away to festivals, events and have coverage of some of the nation’s best acts. WMMT is one of the greatest radio stations in this state that really support artists and music lovers alike. Kill Your Radio as well as another amazing show are featured here. On Sunday nights you can hear The Rock Show with Greg Napier. Greg is a radio veteran and responsible for bringing big name bands into a small mountain region. Metal and hard rock fans often no longer listen to terrestial radio, but with shows like Kill Your Radio and The Rock Show they are gaining listeners back by the dozens. Do yourself a favor and check these shows out. Make sure to follow Kill Your Radio on Facebook here, and on Twitter here and spread the word that you want them on SiriusXM today.

In Memory of Thomas Sizemore

1989 – 2015


Patrick Smith, and Thomas Sizemore!

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