Guitarist Rolf Part Ways With THE CHARM THE FURY

Photo Credits: Albert Jolen

Guitarist Rolf from the Dutch metalcore band The Charm The Fury announced on the 22th of August that he is going to leave the band. But there is hope because he will be the back up guitarist for the band and he will also remain a musician and continue to spread his skills.

This is very sad news for a lot of people including me, I have met him once at this year’s Into The Grave and I have to say that he is honestly an easy going and nice guy to be around. This is a tough time for the band as well as for the fans but he isn’t fully gone so there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Read below for the full statement from The Charm The Fury:

”While this summer season has been nothing short of amazing, unfortunately, we have to end it on a sad note. Rolf, our lead guitar player, close friend and heavy duty drinker/party animal, has decided to part ways with The Charm The Fury. This is not the result of animosity in any shape or form, but it sucks none the less.”

Rolf has this to say about his departure:

“After 7 amazing years, I have decided to quit being a fulltime member of TCTF. Even though I still look very handsome, age is catching up on me so it’s time to slow things down a bit. 
I will focus more on being home, my career outside of music and my dog. Don’t shed no tears, I’ll still be active in music and with TCTF; behind the scenes, writing new music and being the main back-up guitarist.

Love you all, peace out! X”

But don’t worry because you can see him perform live at the upcoming Appelpop on the 9th of September. If that isn’t reason enough for you to be there it is also free! So make sure you are there to witness Rolf perform as the main guitarist of The Charm The Fury for the very last time!

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