FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY Release Deluxe Version Of ‘The Great Collapse’ Featuring 9 Bonus Songs Live!

Legendary deathcore act Fit For An Autopsy decided to release a deluxe edition of one of this year’s greatest deathcore albums called ‘The Great Collapse’ which includes 9 bonus tracks performed live at Rain City!

If the 9 soul crushing songs on the album ‘The Great Collapse’ weren’t enough already Fit For An Autopsy came up with a deluxe version including 9 tracks which are recorded live at Rain City Recordings. This may be the first time that they are doing something like this but they absolutely crushed the live performance, see the track listing below!

10 – “Hydra” (live at Rain City)
11 – “Heads Will Hang” (live at Rain City)
12 – “Iron Moon” (live at Rain City)
13 – “Black Mammoth” (live at Rain City)
14 – “Do You See Him” (live at Rain City)
15 – “The Jackal” (live at Rain City)
16 – “Saltwound” (live at Rain City)
17 – “Absolute Hope Absolute Hell” (live at Rain City)
18 – “Flatlining” (live at Rain City)

Get it on Amazon/Itunes!

Fit For An Autopsy line-up:

Will Putney – Guitar
Patrick Sheridan – Guitar
Tim Howley – Guitar
Peter Spinazola – Bass
Josean Orta – Drums

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