Exclusive Video Premiere: Watch GUS MCARTHUR’s Fun Filled Music Video, “End Of Eternity”

Attention all ye people! GUS MCARTHUR, a hard rock/heavy metal outfit from San Diego, CA, is here to break all your Monday blues with their all new hard hitting music video, “End Of Eternity“. The band define themselves as a trans-dimensional being who transmits the music, style and imagery to the members of the band. Like wise, the music is “outta the world” too, dynamic riffing, pounding drums and an amalgamation of several musical genres which has thus resulted in the spawn of this space-time fabric ripper. Their songs and compositions are nothing but messages of this trans-dimensional obscurity known to us as GUS MCARTHUR. 2014 saw the formation of the band when two brothers Gordon “Gus the Hater” (lead vocals) and Sean Honan(guitar/vocals) decided to get along for a musical adventure; each from a different musical background. The two stood unhindered in making a perfect blend of their genres and influences, everything from the fastness of METALLICA, to the groove of rap metallers RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, to the vocal dexterity of QUEEN, and the lyrical geniosity of underground hip-hop. Now that’s some real good blending of ingredients from every spectrum of the musical palette!

In 2015, the band formed the complete line up when drummer Johnson “the Z” Zhang joined the brothers on board. There after they recorded and released their first EP, “Chapter 1: Hysterics“, in 2016, kicking off the legend of GUS MCARTHUR. The band’s aural assault is always evolving, combining their rock and metal inspirations with lyrical hip hop.

A still shot from “End Of Eternity”

Now gearing up for its second EP release, out on December 8th, 2017, “Chapter 2: Fanatics“, GUS MCARTHUR are celebrating it with the premiere of their latest new music video off it, which we are glad to stream it exclusively for y’all. The track sounds good, and you can definitely see the reflections of their various styles they take inspirations from, in it. It has an old school vibe, the thrash-ness in it is quite obvious from the riffing style and pace of it, the vocals remind me of punk, rashy and unabated in power. It is a great track to start heating things up and getting the fans excited for the all new forthcoming EP. It’s definitely a killer track!

GUS MCARTHUR below talks about the music video, which was directed by award winning portrait and lifestyle photographer, Tyler Jo Gaines,
We had always designed the song to be fast and thrashy, after all it’s the “end of the eternity”. We wanted something intense and powerful, but with the video we wanted something else. We wanted you to smile while we melted your faces off! Each of us is placed in a spot they might be as they find out its the end of days. Not always the place you think you’ll be, but we always have fun and just in time for the party!” 

Enjoy our exclusive premiere of the music video below. As the band says, you can’t help but “smile while we melted your faces off!”.

Stay tuned for more cool updates and releases as more “chapters” unveil in the time and space continuum of GUS MCARTHUR‘s upcoming EP release. Also, go see them live and get shred to pieces as they play live on tour, HERE.

Shower some love for GUS MCARTHUR HERE!

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