Epicenter Festival Spotlight: BOSTON MANOR [Official Videos]

*This is part of the Epicenter Festival Spotlight segment where we help you get to know some of the non-headlining bands performing at the festival. This week we introduce you to Boston Manor!*

Boston Manor is a pop punk band which formed in Blackpool, Lancashire, England in 2013. The band certainly isn’t of the heavier variety of bands performing at the Epicenter Festival, but they help give a break in all the heaviness throughout the day. Boston Manor released their debut EP ‘Here/Now’ the same year they formed in 2013. In 2014, the five piece released both a split with the band Throwing Stuff, as well as another EP titled ‘Driftwood.’ Then in 2015, Boston Manor signed to Pure Noise Records and released a four-track EP titled ‘Saudade.’ In 2016, Boston Manor released their first full-length album titled ‘Be Nothing.’

In September of last year the five piece released their sophomore effort, ‘Welcome to the Neighbourhood.’ Boston Manor does stay relatively on point with their pop punk style and sound. However, the incredibly catchy song “Halo” from their newest record strays a little from pop punk and goes more in the alternative route. The vocal hooks have you singing along and the lyrics are nearly flawless. In addition to everything listed above in their discography the band was also on the compilation album ‘Punk Goes Pop Vol. 7’ where they covered the song “Heathens” by Twenty One Pilots. The band really made a name for themselves in America on Warped Tour in 2017. Playing a relatively early set the Boston Manor was one of the bands that got fans fired up for the day. Lead vocalist Henry Cox really has a way of speaking to the crowd and getting them involved and into their performance. Don’t be surprised if you show up at a stage to see them knowing nothing about the band and moments later singing along to songs and following instructions from the front man. Together Henry and Ash Wilson (rhythm guitar, backing vocals) create these vocal harmonies that makes you just want to hit the rewind button over and over to hear it again. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to rewind their live show at Epicenter, but witnessing it in person will forever be a memory you won’t forget. Make sure to catch their set, they offer up catchy songs that you will be singing in your head all day. The band performs at the Epicenter Festival on Sunday May 12th, You can get your tickets for the festival here.

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