DYMBUR Announce Upcoming Album & Release New Single ”Origins From Alpha”!

Today we bring to you Indian Experimental Metal act Dymbur, their album is on the way as well as a recently released track. Get right in to check it all out!

”Origins From Alpha” got out via their official youtube channel, Dymbur Official, on the 22th of December last year and holy what can India djent! It is taken from their up and coming album which is due this year and goes around with the name ‘Origins From Alpha’. I knew India had some of the better deathmetal/grind bands, such as Gutslit, Wired Anxiety and Sycorax, but Dymbur proves that India can djent just as good!

After you gave ”Origins Of Alpha” a thumbs up get ready to watch an interview with Gutslit right here!


Neil Nathaniel Lyngdoh (Vocals)
Cornelius Kharsyntiew (Guitars)
Mayson Dkhar (Bass)
Achugra .B. Sangma (Drums)

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