Dutch Stoners OBESE Release Details About New Album ‘Anamnesis’ & New Video! [Video]

Sometimes the greatest finds in music are the ones you just stumble across on accident. Obese is an amazing groove-filled stoner rock band from the Netherlands. Let me assure you, the only thing fat about this band is the groove. They have the sort of sound that has to be appreciated stoned with your favorite supply of green from weed-crew. Roll up, get comfortable and enjoy the music. I promise you that you will enjoy the music. I mean, I think I would appreciate smoking some of my favorite herb in any form when listening to them. Maybe lighting up some weed in a glow in the dark bong could let me enjoy the vibe of their music better, in complete darkness. Either way, Obese is now definitely on my ‘stoner’ playlist. In 2015 Obese released ‘Kali Yuma’ and when I stumbled upon the album I couldn’t stop listening to it. The album made # 7 on my personal best albums of 2015. (read here). The band has an incredible sound that is just addictive. They have a stoner rock sound that often includes some sludgy riffs and even some doom inspired moments.

Obese has now completed recording their next album titled ‘Anamnesis’, and the band has already released a video for the track “Dunderhead”. The video was recorded and directed by Ryan Oomen. ‘Anamnesis’ will be released on CD and digital download on October 20th, 2017 via the powerhouse label that is Argonauta Records. This is an album you will not want to miss. Obese are a band that is truly going places and climbing to the top of the stoner rock genre quickly. Vocalist Koos Weel has been replaced. The album has been in work for several months, due to the singer change during the recording sessions, “Anamnesis” is a beast made of heavy “fat” guitars and killer vocals, a perfect blend of sonorities meeting Crowbar, High On Fire and Torche. One other band I feel the Obese closely resembles is the iconic hard working band Clutch. Though we aren’t sure of the new singer at the moment, we certainly hope that the band continues on the path they have already began to carve out. If you want to get a step ahead you can pre-order the album here now.

1. Agony
2. Dunderhead
3. Mother Nurture
4. Anthropoid
5. Human Abstract
6. Ymir
7. Behexed
8. Psychic Secretion

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