DUST BOLT Releases New Lyric Video for “Bloody Rain” [Video Stream]

With the excitement of the new releases for 2019, let’s get you hyped some more. The balls to the wall thrash metal band Dust Bolt has released a new lyric video for the debut of their song “Bloody Rain” from their upcoming album ‘Trapped in Chaos,’ arriving January 18th, 2019 on Napalm Records.

The band is made up of Lenny Bruce on vocals and rhythm guitar, Flo Dehn shredding lead guitar, Ben Muenzel thumping the bass, and Nico Rayman behind the kit. Their new video has a dark and gloomy overtone with a killer riff to kick off this madness of rock. The drums and bass sound amazing here – very punchy, straightforward, and in your face – letting you know they mean business. Along with the visuals of a city nightlife, they also add the lyrics for you. Better start practicing for when you see them in a city near you. Vocalist Lenny Bruce had this to say about the song:

“Bloody Rain is a really special and outstanding song on the new album and in the history of Dust Bolt. It is by far the most melodic song vocalwise, though it´s also a really dark and heavy banger – especially towards the ending. The song was written by our guitarist Flo D. I remember him calling me multiple times as he had this song, he needed to show me immediately on a rainy and pale day. Mentally it was a dark and uncertain time for both of us, which probably made the song what it is now. Uncomprehendingly, in some ways grungy, heavy, and as nihilistic as it can get.”


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