DEMONSTEALER Announce New Drummer Collaboration For Upcoming EP!

Its been just wee bit over a year that Mumbai solo artist DEMONSTEALER released his epic solo album, ‘This Burden Is Mine‘ which features the mighty George Kollias from NILE. And now he is back again with some new material this year for an EP which seems to be an unique collaboration effort on this one. He will be seen growling and playing crazy riffs along with four drummers well known in the death metal circuit, with whom the collaboration is all about. Sounds like a treat for death metal fans isn’t it!? I mean who wouldn’t wanna dig in on an album featuring four killer inhuman drummers willing to skin you off while you’re at it.

Kevin Paradis(left) and David Diepold(right)

After having robed in the services of french drummer, Kevin Paradis(AGRESSORSVART CROWN) the multi-talented DEMONSTEALER has unveiled the curtains off the second drummer who will feature on a track in the upcoming EP. DEMONSTEALER are proud to announce David Diepold from Austria, who has played live previously with BENIGHTED. Bringing in his share of brutality and technical drumming, it promises to be one exciting collaboration. Recently, he also confirmed the name of the EP which is The Last Reptilian Warrior‘, thus clinging on to his fascination towards demons and reptiles evident from his previous work. The official artwork will be done by Visual Amnesia which is the brainchild of Reuben Bhattacharya, noted for his highly attention to detail work with DEMONIC RESURRECTION(click HERE to see the artwork and order their new album), SLIPKNOT and a plethora of other Indian and international bands alike!

In the official announcement, DEMONSTEALER aka Sahil Makhija said –
I’m super stoked to announced that David Diepold is going to be playing a song on my upcoming EP titled ‘The Last Reptilian Warrior’. I’ve been floored by his YouTube videos and when I saw him play live in 2015 with BENIGHTED at Brutal Assault I was floored. I had a chance to meet him at the festival and I’ve been wanting to collaborate with him for a while and I’m super excited that he’s now part of this EP. If you don’t know who he is just watch his videos
HERE. That’s not all, I had said that there were going to be 3 drummers on this EP, it might just be 4 drummers now. Stay tuned for details.

If you still have no idea, who DEMONSTEALER is, fret not. DEMONSTEALER is the crushing death metal solo project of Sahil Makhija, who is the founding member of DEMONIC RESURRECTION, India’s one of the biggest and long standing bands. He was also in a now defunct death metal band REPTILIAN DEATH, a comedy rock band WORKSHOP. He is a true visionary and the music leaves no room for goofing around. Its heavy and its “demonic”. The previous DEMONSTEALER solo record featuring George Kollias was pretty diverse but at the same time holding true to the death metal he does the best. You can order the last album HERE

However, the new upcoming EP The Last Reptilian Warrior‘ promises to be a lot more technical, straight up death metal and a fiesta of all things brutal and ruthless. With a number of varied musicians chipping in on this effort, it truly seems what looks like a highly anticipated record worldwide. Two drummers amongst the four lot have been already announced as stated above, as two more still remain. The pledge pre-order campaign has already crossed half way of its target and it looks so far so good.

Pre-order The Last Reptilian Warrior HERE and get a free download of Cyclic Extinction‘ which features Dan Presland(NE OBLIVISCARISon drums, released last year!

Also, a month or so ago, we caught up DEMONSTEALER in New Delhi for an interview. Watch him talk HERE as he wades through the metal scene in India, the recent DEMONIC RESURRECTION album and a lot more.

Don’t know what to expect off this massive EP yet? Pssht! We got you covered. Check a snippet of the recording of the drums on DEMONSTEALER‘s ‘Unnamed 270bpm song’ by Kevin Paradis below!

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