Review: CATATONIC PROFANATION – ‘Rancid Vexations’ [Full Album Stream]

Anthony is back yet again and this time with another release from his project called ”Catatonic Profanation”. It is fast, brutal and something we have never heard of him. Get right in!

For those that don’t know Anthony is one of the musicians most aspire to be. He can do everything a band needs and more while keeping his brutal style intact. His other projects like Anatomy Of A Creation or Double-Barrel Vasectomy are both very different but still kicks ass like his other projects but Catatonic Profanation is the project that got me hooked and grasping for more. So today, the 17th of July, there will be a new (and short) 3 song ep release named ‘Rancid Vexations’ via Slam Worldwide and I can already tell you. It is awesome. First track ”Deluded Cleansing” (which features Lennon O’Donnell of Decimated Humans) will grab you from the first second and never let go. It is disgusting, brutal, sick and nasty all together. And it doesn’t slow down as well, it keeps on going until it’s last breath. And before you know it you will already be headbanging to second song ”Father Of The Void”. Besides it featuring what some consider a legendary vocalist, Eli Vincent of Dehumanize, it also acts like a father figure for some reason but it won’t treat you as well as a father would his child. It will slam you to the ground and let you become part of the ground. And lastly we have ”Engorged In Maggots” featuring Merrick Thacker of Angel Spitter and for those that are familiar with either Anthony or his work already know what is coming. Unlike a bunch of bands they together bring so much diversity to the table it is unreal, Slam can be really boring but they make it exciting and refreshing while remaining the gory element of the genre. Definitely something to look out for!

If you are a slam fan or are just curious about this and other releases follow him below!

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