BREWtally Speaking Podcast: Frank Fanelli (THE WORLD WE KNEW)

Frank Fanelli, vocalist for The World We Knew, returns on this episode of the BREWtally Speaking Podcast!!

Frank joins us to talk about the upcoming The World We Knew reunion shows, and why he chose to get the band back together after their hiatus. Frank talks about working behind the scenes to get back the rights to the bands music and what’s changed since the bands been gone.

We talk about what fans can expect this time around for TWWK and get into some posi talk about being an underdog and fighting your way to achieve success in an industry that’s very unforgiving to those that aren’t willing to fight for it and more.

Listen to the full interview here:

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About BREWtally Speaking

Two dudes, Dan and Jon, who are passionate about all kinds of music, although we mainly cover metal/metalcore bands on the show. We both LOVE vinyl, and podcasts in general.

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