BLACK COFFEE’s “I Barely Know Her” Video Delivers 70’s Nostalgia To Your Ears!

This is something straight outta the 70s. From the big hair, the fashion and their hook driven retro sound  Black Coffee is putting a retro twist on modern rock. The music is definitely a throwback to rock and roll’s most formative years, it’s just that the production is much more cleaner and the sound is substantially more heavy. The band has a sound that makes you feel like you are blowing the dust off one of your favorite vinyls.

 Black Coffee formed in early 2017 after drummer Tommy McCullough introduced singer/bassist, Ehab Omran, to guitarist Justin Young. Within the first few days, these artists began songwriting and the chemistry was overwhelmingly apparent. With the release of  Black Coffee’s debut album, ‘Take One’, on April 21st, the Columbus, Ohio rockers definitely possess the sound, style, confidence and work ethic that created legends in music in the previous few decades.

To celebrate the release of their debut album, the band has unveiled a new music video for “I Barely Know Her”. The video was filmed at the Johnstown Opera House in Johnstown, Ohio. “I Barely Know Her” was filmed, directed and produced by the extremely talented John Payne of Payne Productions, who is one of the most talented photographers in and around Columbus, Ohio. With the attitude of the years gone by and the sound of a new resurgence of the classic rock,  Black Coffee parts the proverbial sea for the next generation of artists.

Here’s what the band has to say about their music and the all new debut album, We are a band that write, record, and play like it’s 1972. This album represents what we believe is real, raw music. No click tracks, no triggers, and no pitch correction. Just a bunch of hippies in a room.” The band also doesn’t repeat guitar tracks, or the chorus so everything sounds perfect. They do everything old school and though the album is well produced it still has this amazing raw feel to it. 

So, watch this group of hippies rock out, click play and you will be placed in a time capsule and transported right back to the sweet sounds of the 70’s.

From the moment that first note is struck by guitarist Justin Young it gets your attention. The track begins with some acoustic chords which leaves you thinking this is a ballad. Wrong, it’s only about 40 seconds into the track when the caffeine kicks in and Black Coffee adds that electric riffage. In recent years we have seen the resurgence of retro rock from bands like Greta Van Fleet, Joyous Wolf and even Rival Sons who really kick started everything back in 2011 when they released  ‘Pressure & Time’. Black Coffee is going to be a big part of putting classic rock back in its rightful place at the top. They also stand apart from these other acts as well, Greta Van Fleet and Rival Sons has been compared to Led Zeppelin and to some that is a good thing and to other critics its seen as unoriginal. Black Coffee though heavily influenced by 70’s rock they have their own unique sound that allows them to escape the comparisons other bands have had to battle. In addition to their jaw dropping guitar riffs, thundering bass lines and pounding percussion they create a incredibly catchy chorus with hooks that will have you quickly singing along. Listen to “I Barely Know Her” just once and you will forever crave the deliciousness of Black Coffee.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to get  Black Coffee‘s debut album, ‘Take One’. HERE‘s where you can buy the record. And click HERE to download the single, “I Barely Know Her“.

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