An Interview With Indian Death Metal Outfit DARKRYPT

From the western most corner of India, there spawns an unheralded force of dark, fast and intense death metal quartet that goes by the name of DARKRYPT, who are currently one among the rising forces when it comes to death metal in this part of the world. They formed back in 2013, with the vision of bassist Amey Bhole and Nachiket Bhave on guitars. After being around for a while with no output, Aumkar Lele and Rishabh Ravi joined in on drums and guitars respectively for the first complete and firm line up. Early 2014 saw Mihir Gaikwad joining the band on guitars but only for playing gigs. After a year in late 2015, Nachiket quit the band, and Mihir replaced the former axe-man’s boots as a permanent member from there on. 

DARKRYPT are a fairly new band but they are absolutely killing it already. With their debut LP Delirious Excursion already out one year back via Indian label Transcending ObscurityDARKRYPT are already making a statement despite being this young in the circuit. Check out their debut LP provided at the end of the interview. Pssht! They have robed in Rogga Johansson of PAGANIZER and thus successfully creating a track where he has lend his fierce vocals. That is the cherry on top of the cake for sure. You really know what to expect when the mixing has been done by Greg Chandler at Priory Recording Studios (CRUCIAMENTUM, CHTHE’ILIST, etc.) and mastering by the legend Dan Swano at Unisound Studios (ASPHYX, BLOODBATH, etc). Fast riffs, relentless and insane drumming, swift tempo changes and brutal gutturals straight from the bellowed depths of hell is what DARKRYPT stands for. We had the pleasure of having them for a short interview, as we talked about their new album, the upcoming Durance of Hate India Tour and a lot more. Check it out below,


METAL NEXUS: Your debut album, ‘Delirious Excursion’ has a lot of overseas contributions from prominent names like Dan Swano, Greg Chandler, Tukka G. Rantanen and obviously the most vital one, Rogga Johansson. Since, Rogga Johansson could attract any metalhead’s attention, tell us what made you think Rogga would be the perfect one to feature in the song, ‘Cryptic Illusions’?

DARKRYPT: We consider Rogga to be one of Sweden’s finest legends and we’ve always been fans of Rogga’s work. “Cryptic illusions” was one song that we started writing early on. At one point we did hit a creative wall and we decided to shift our focus on other songs. When the rest of the tracks were pretty much set, we got back to “Cryptic illusions” with a fresh perspective. We suddenly felt that we had a chance to do something different with this one. So it worked out well through our mutual friend Kunal Choksi(Transcending Obscurity).

METAL NEXUS: A lot of tours in our country are starting to take place. We recently had the massive PSYCROPTIC tour, the Blood and Roots tour. Along with this some more International bands are touring here, like, GOROD & META-STASIS, VEIL OF MAYA, VOICE OF RUIN etc in the coming months. And now we have our very own Durance Of Hate Tour. Do you think the recent upsurge of tours across the country is a symptom that we’re probably in the crossroads of building a more better and regular touring scene? Do you think metal in India is at it’s best now given the fact that a lot of tours are happening in the country?

DARKRYPT: We definitely agree on the fact that the metal scene is always growing in India. It might not be at it’s best right now, but we believe there is a lot that the metal bands can do in here. We’re expecting big things to come out of this Metal scene. Concerning the audience we have, metal currently is being held back as music in India isn’t something that everyone learns as a discipline. But we do expect it to change as our country develops further.

METAL NEXUS: This is the second edition of the Durance Of Hate Tour and it’s evidently drawing in more attention and getting bigger compared to the debut edition. Also, this is your first multi-city tour with other bands in the country. How does it feel to be featured on the tour and what are you expecting?

DARKRYPT: We are very excited to see how much people are supporting this tour and its overwhelming. It feels amazing to be playing along side brothers from Carnage Inc. and Killchain. We are honoured to play this tour. We are expecting this tour to be kick-ass and the crowd to have one of the best times of their lives. We are all trying to have a good time with Metal as it’s the one thing that brings us together.

METAL NEXUS: Congratulations on your one year anniversary of your debut LP! Now, as we’re heading onto a fresh new year, what plans/ideas, whether it be gigs or especially new music are
brewing up? When can the fans expect something new again from DARKRYPT?

DARKRYPT: Thanks a lot! We’re definitely expecting more gigs ahead. On the other hand, Darkrypt is creating new material right in the crypts! We had already started creating new material right after the release of Delirious Excursion. So, the fans can surely expect new music from us soon! So, gigs and new material coming up!

‘Delirious Excursion’ Album Cover Art by Turkka G. Rantanen.

METAL NEXUS: Talking further about your debut album, how has the reception of the same been since its release? Would you say your contentment resonates and matches the expectations you had prior to the album’s release?

DARKRYPT: Our debut album was very well received by critics from all-round the world. We are definitely satisfied with what we could achieve as a band. We learnt a lot as this was the first time any of us actually recorded in a studio. We were on the path to make the music that we always wanted to. The music that we could share with the world proudly; un-compromised and unadulterated heavy metal.

METAL NEXUS: You chose one of Asia’s best and our country’s very own label Transcending Obscurity to release the debut album. Tell us how has working with and teaming up with such a cool label been?

DARKRYPT: Kunal Choksi is a great guy. He’s really hard working and dedicated to what he does. We truly appreciate him for his support and for having believe in us. Transcending Obscurity handled everything very professionally on the back-end. And that allowed us to really put 100% into playing and writing the music, without pondering over the CD manufacturing or distribution. Transcending Obscurity is very well known in India and that also helped us reach a bigger audience than what debutant bands usually do.

METAL NEXUS: In a band, along with making music, bandmates have to deal with a lot of other things like others’ personalities, planning out the next thing you’re going to do, others’ commitments etc. Taking these into consideration what has these taught you in life ? And how does the band as a whole go unhindered despite the obvious differences each personality in the band have?

DARKRYPT: Differences in personality is something that we consider to be quite positive. We’d rather term it as intellectual diversity. Each of us in the band have a different taste and different skill set. We do our best to accommodate and find out how we can fit in ourselves. Each of us have different musical skills and style of writing, composing & playing and that is something quite evident in the riffs, lyrics, drum patterns or the solos that we compose. Sometimes there are minor compromises but that’s how one succeeds in life.

METAL NEXUS: Can you explain how things work out before going in to making music amongst yourselves? Is everyone involved in the writing and composing department? OR How does a DARKRYPT song come together?

DARKRYPT: Darkrypt composes in a different way. Each one of us creates a set of riffs, melodies or ideas for a song. We send it to each other so we’re familiar with the riffs and all of that. Then we hit the jam room and we try to join the pieces together. Maybe some pieces don’t fit, some do. And once we’re in a good flow, everything seems to fall into place by itself. Sometimes we alter songs even if one thing doesn’t seem right. Everyone has contribution to the songs, be it the lyrics or the music.

METAL NEXUS: In today’s metal music industry, with so many new styles and improvisations coming up and leading to new sub genres, how hard and especially how important is it for you to maintain your band’s blend of sound?

DARKRYPT: With so many genres coming up and getting mixed up, it is easy to lose track of our sound. But we do try to stick to our influences and focus on what the sound that we’ve conceived while also maintaining a kind of uniqueness.

METAL NEXUS: Thank you so much for your time. We hope you have a great tour ahead and loads of best wishes for the future. Anything you might want to add to your fans and the viewers?

DARKRYPT: Thanks a lot! We’re very hyped for our upcoming tour. Do check out our music via the following links. Do let us know if you enjoy our music and come meet us at the gigs if you spot us.
India : delirious-excursion- cd-limited-300/
International :


DARKRYPT will be touring with their fellow friends and brothers in CARNAGE INC. KILLCHAIN at select few cities for a mini tour under the moniker of Durance Of Hate II, starting this 3rd of November. Check out the dates and other details HERE!

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