Album Review: GUTSLIT – ‘Amputheatre’

India is in the bringst of a metal revolution and brutal death/grind legends Gutslit are at the forefront! Fresh from their second massive international tour “Brutal Grooves Grinding Moves” with Germany’s Stillbirth, American Splattered and Colombian Carnivore Diprosopus – Gutslit absolutely pulverised the masses across 15 shows in 8 countries to launch their highly awaited sophomore release “Amputheatre”. Set to be released on Oct 15th via new label Transcending Obscurity India – Asia’s largest label for extreme music, pre-orders are live and available here. 

Arguably the most artistically aggressive album to come from the Indian Metal scene this year! From start to finish ‘Amputheatre’ extrudes a bloodthirsty demeanour and intensity that showcases exactly why Mumbai’s Gutslit are such an unstoppable force at the top of their game. Having been at the forefront for the past decade, several line-up changes could have hindered progress, but, with the new addition of Bengaluru vocalist Kaushal L.S of Godless after a successful search in 2016, Gutslit have transformed from a brutal death machine into an unrelenting multifaceted bludgeoning beast! The songwriting is impecable when compared to 2013’s debut effort ‘Skewered In The Sewer’ (a groundbreaker in itself)which was recorded at Demonic Studios by none other than the multi-talented legend that is Sahil Makhija (aka Demonstealer) of Demonic Resurrection fame who my good friend Rattlehead featured earlier this very month! (Read the article here.) ‘Amputheatre’ is a phenomenal feat and shows that the death metal scene in India is advancing at an astonishing rate – this is where it’s at! 

Thundering in with a velocity that instantly grabs you and consumes you whole is “Brazen Bull”. It’s fiery intensity with red-hot fretwork is amplified by the diversity of Kaushals’ vocals. His raw guttural growls and ear splitting pig-squeals are contrasted by the new added dynamic of clean melodic vocals in the closing moments of the track. This adds a fresh delivery which is familial to the Gothenburg scene, that ever so slightly steps away from their famed traditional brutal-only approach, rounding the track off nicely and making it instantly more memorable. It is a face-melter of an opener that set’s the pace for the whole album which follows suit in the style of sheer brutality mixed with intricate details – like an amalgamation of beauty meets beast. “From One Ear To Another” throws you into a rapid fire of grind-soaked riffage that abruptly stops less than a minute in, toying with the grind-core influence and all it encapsulates. Don’t be fooled, within a matter of seconds you are thrown into a whirlwind of technical tenacity and trippy pinch harmonics that are hypnotisingly playful and full of chaotic beauty. This track is personally one of many highlights of the album, with sensational songwriting that satisfies a blood-quenching thirst and will leave you grinning manically from ear to ear! Across the board the whole records boasts numerous intricate sweeping solos, most notably in “Necktie Party” and “Brodequin”showcasing the impeccable artisanship from Prateek Rajagopals (The Minerva Conduct) dexterity on guitar, accentuated by the brutal slamming bass of Gurdip Singh Narang, who is Gutslits only remaining original member and a legend within the underground scene. (Gurdip is highly regarded having organised and hosted MeatFest to promote and give a stage to upcoming Indian Metal bands including Bangalore’s Putrid Pile and fellow Mumbai act Bloodsoaked)! Now, fully captivated with Stockholm Syndrome firmly kicking in, “Blood Eagle” will tear you apart and you will enjoy every minute. “Oh yes… there will be blood” and plenty of it! For this track protrudes a formidable energy that incorporates groove and grind to the mix. Aaron Pinto binds the transitions fantastically with a dynamic array of punishing double-bass that gradually intensifies, leading to a climax of explosive proportions.

Are you ready to let the melodrama unfold? The ‘Amputheatre’ is ready to see you now…      


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