Album Review: BOBAFLEX – ‘Eloquent Demons’ [Official Videos]

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West Virginia hard rockers BOBAFLEX are back with their 8th studio album titled ‘Eloquent Demons’ available now from Thermal Entertainment LLC.  BOBAFLEX long has a reputation for being one of the hardest working bands in the business and ‘Eloquent Demons’ is yet another step in the ongoing evolution of the group.  The effort will be most remembered for the massive lead single, a cover of the PINK FLOYD classic “Hey You.  In which BOBAFLEX manages to maintain the spirit of the original all the while adding the groove that makes BOBAFLEX, BOBAFLEX.

 ‘Eloquent Demons’ sets the mood right of out the gate with the title track intro that is a speech of sorts before quickly bleeding into the song “I Am A Nightmare“.  “I Am A Nightmare is classic BOBAFLEX with thick multi-layerd vocals and a sound that has become all their own.  It’s driving, heavy and melodic.  It’s exactly what fans expect and want from the group.  And a complete monster to open the album with.  Track 3 is titled “Long Time Coming and is the second radio release from the project.  Again, its classic BOBAFLEX with the awesome multi-layered vocals that define their classic sound.  as expected it has that “radio friendly” sound that most singles do.  Not quit as heavy as some of the other songs on the album.  But a solid melody that is catchy and easy to sing along to.

Say What You Willis a high energy, blistering, melodic beast with explosive melody and double bass work.  It would be a great choice for the next single.  While “Lights Out, Real Sadness” , “Off With Your Head and Moon” And “The Shadowsall deliver the venom that we all expect when we listen to a BOBAFLEX album they each have their own distinctive sound.  Real Sadness features some amazing guitar work as the tracks plods through with a deep dark tone.  It provides the emotions of a roller coaster with all of the ups and downs.  “Off With Your Head” has a fun, airy, feel. But upon further listen has a bit of a deeper tone in lyric.  Somewhat like the GUNS N’ ROSES classic “I Used To Love Her” (But I Had To Kill Her).  It’s a track that is fun for the whole family.  A cover of PINK FLOYD‘s “Hey Youis up next.  It’s hard to put into words what an amazing job the group does on this cover.  The essence of a good cover is to keep it sounding close to the original but all the while changing it enough to make it sound like you wrote it.  And that is exactly what BOBAFLEX does here.   Their version of “Hey You will likely become a staple of their live shows and attract many new fans to the group.  Everything from the guitar tones to the vocals to the overall atmosphere of the song are impeccable.  It takes balls to cover PINK FLOYD, but more so than that it takes real talent to deliver.  And deliver they do.

‘Eloquent Demons’ closes with the track “Reckless”, ending with the same energy that it opened with but adding a little bit more of a straight up rock feel.  A solid way to close out the album.  Always leaving the fans wanting more BOBAFLEX has a lot to be proud of with this latest effort.  Be sure to pick up a copy of ‘Eloquent Demons’ and support true rock music from one of the hardest working bands on the scene.  Be sure catch them on tour throughout the rest of 2017.  Tour Dates Below:

08-29-17 in Braidwood, IL at Top Fuel Saloon
08-30-17 in St Louis, MO at Firebird
08-31-17 in Saint Joseph, MO at Cafe Acoustic Live
09-01-17 in Springfield, MO at Outland Ballroom
09-02-17 in Tulsa, OK at The Vanguard
09-06-17 in Texarkana, TX at Brightstar Theaters
09-07-17 in Houston, TX at Proof Rooftop Lounge
09-08-17 in Corpus Christi, TX at Boozerz Rock Bar
09-09-17 in McAllen, TX at Sofie’s “SS” Saloon
09-10-17 in San Antonio, TX at The Korova
09-12-17 in El Paso, TX at The Lowbrow Palace
09-14-17 in Flagstaff, AZ at The Green Room
09-15-17 in Las Vegas, NV at Adrenaline Sports Bar
09-16-17 in Los Angeles, CA at Club Los Globos
09-19-17 in Medford, OR at Howiies on Front
09-20-17 in Portland, OR at Rock Hard PDX
09-21-17 in Seattle, WA at Studio Seven
09-22-17 in Spokane, WA at Cruisers
09-23-17 in Lewiston, ID at 3rd Wheel Event Center & Concert Hall
09-24-17 in Jerome, ID at Diamondz Event Center
09-27-17 in Spearfish, SD at Z Bar
09-28-17 in Sioux Falls, SD at Big’s Live
09-29-17 in Mankato, MN at Red Rocks
09-30-17 in Janesville, WI at 94.1 JJO Sonic Boom (festival) / Back Bar (late night special guest performance)
10-01-17 in Chippewa Falls, WI at Every Buddy’s Bar
11-03-17 in Muncie, IN at Big Shots Ballroom
11-10-17 in Mentor On The Lake, OH at Tequila Jaxx
11-18-17 in Altoona, PA at Aldos
11-24-17 in Pittsburgh, PA at Diesel Club Lounge
11-25-17 in Niagara Falls, NY at Evening Star Concert Hall
11-26-17 in Pennellville, NY at Monaries
12-02-17 in Providence, RI at JR’s Fastaline
12-03-17 in Brooklyn, NY at Goldsounds
12-07-17 in Teaneck, NJ at Debonair Music Hall
12-15-17 in Huntington, WV at The V Club



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