WE CAME AS ROMANS’ Joshua Moore On Popularity Of Hip-Hop Streaming “Half Of That Is Just Hot Garbage” [Audio]

2005 saw the formation of what could become We Came As Romans in Michigan.  The band to date has released 5 studio albums and has extensively toured the world numerous times. We Came As Romans has had numerous lineups over the years but their current 6 piece lineup is the strongest lineup the band has had. Though the band has been active for 12 years 2017 is the start of a new era for We Came as Romans. After a turbulent 2016—quiet from an exterior perspective yet wrought with trial, tribulation and struggle internally. After finding more than a niche, but a home at SharpTone Records, reconnecting with their first booking agent and freeing themselves from toxic relationships that held them back, We Came As Romans have released their fifth full-length studio album ‘Cold Like War’ on October 20th. “It [the title] is about struggle, those trials,” says guitarist and songwriter Joshua Moore. “They can turn us towards each other, towards those we love, towards those who have supported us. Because the last two years to us have felt like this giant war—an internal war—to figure out the right path for our band…to figure out how to stay together and be happy again.”

This week on Talk Toomey: The Metal Nexus Podcast hosts Joshua Toomey and Jon Drake welcomed We Came As Romans guitarist Joshua Moore. They talked about the band coming off a record that wasn’t well received by fans, booking shows, the Myspace days of music and the bands grueling touring schedule. Joshua also took the time to explain that the most popular genre streamed on some streaming services is Hip-Hop and mentions a couple artists specifically and in regards to them explains “Half Of That Is Just Hot Garbage”. In addition to that he also explains the common misconception that labels buy bands tour buses, and explaining they spend a lot of money renting their transportation while on tour. You can hear the entire interview in the Talk Toomey podcast below.



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