MEGADETH Frontman Dave Mustaine’s Radio Show To Premiere Today

Dave Mustaine, the Grammy award-winning guitarist, lead singer, songwriter and founder of legendary band MEGADETH, is joining San Francisco-based startup Gimme Radio, the world’s only 24/7, all-metal streaming radio station as DJ and host of “The Dave Mustaine Show“. His first show will air TODAY at noon PT / 3 PM ET, with a new show airing at that time every Thursday.

During each episode of the “The Dave Mustaine Show,” thrash metal’s forefather will play whatever he wants for two hours. Dave will showcase the music that has inspired him and influenced him as a musician, while also entertaining listeners with his deep knowledge of the genre, years of war stories from the road, and personal stories of the artists, tours, producers and other celebrities he has met throughout his illustrious career.

As Dave Mustaine explains: “I’ve always wanted to do radio that is strictly my show, my songs, my way. Gimme Radio lets me play what I want to play, and say what I want to say…no restrictions.

It is evident from history that the father of thrash is a leader, and someone who is a visionary and wants to do stuff on his own. Be it right from the formation of MEGADETH, or starting and releasing the band’s albums on his own label Tradecraft, Mustaine is definitely the ultimate DIY guy!

It’s amazing to think that the guy behind Killing Is My Business and Peace Sells and last year’s killer record Dystopia, a guy who basically invented the thrash genre, is joining Gimme Radio,” says Gimme Radio’s co-founder and CEO, Tyler Lenane. “We’ve had a preview of what Dave is planning to talk about on some of these shows, and heard some of his stories – and we know that our listeners and his fans are going to be blown away. This show shouldn’t be missed by any metal fan.

Gimme Radio is an all new metal exclusive radio show hosted by hand selected DJs who are breaking the monotony of computer generated radio playlists, thus breathing new life and talent in this industry. Gimme Radio DJs are musicians, label owners, producers, artists, and music journalists, but most importantly; they’re metalheads, just like you. Metal is one of the most ignored genres when it comes to mainstream media, the least it has ever done is to only play the most appreciated commercial tunes. But, fret not, the game changer is here and will only now kill trends. Gimme Radio will only play the metal you love from a wide palette of artists and bands. It also allows you for an easy purchase to the records of whatever the DJ will be playing, and other unique and cool merchandise that comes along with the artists. 

Gimme Radio was launched back in June this year and has become the go-to site for all metal fans to stream and enjoy various genres of metal. It has partnered with various record labels, news webzines and especially the fans in creating what now is poised to be one of the biggest metal only exclusive radio shows. Now that Dave Mustaine has stepped in to this business, Gimme Radio‘s popularity is only slated to magnify all across the globe and metal fans alike. Other notable DJs in the roster include Randy Blythe of LAMB OF GODJohan Hegg of AMON AMARTHBen Weinman of THE DILLINGER  ESCAPE PLAN, etc.

New episodes of “The Dave Mustaine Show” air every Thursday at 12 pm PT / 3 pm ET, available only through the Gimme Radio app and on

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