Agonal Breathing either is or will soon be one of your favorite slam bands, with their album ‘Bloodthirsty Mutilation’ announced and read to spawn somewhere this year and the nasty ‘Pure Agony’ already being part of my daily routine they really are the State Of The Art of the state Kansas!

Here it is, their debut album named ‘Pure Agony’! Released via SLAM WORLDWIDE on Dec 15 (2017) is this beauty of a record by heavy lifters Agonal Breathing. It is morbid by nature and sinister by tongue. While the intro is destroying the essence of life second track ”Brutalized Esophageal Remains” takes away every little piece of hope until all you live for is the sweet release of death. And let’s not forget about the slamming cover of ”Rancid Flesh Copulation” by Epicardiectomy. Besides this being a brutal and overall well created debut by Agonal Breathing the cover made me realise they deserve a spot on my daily list of songs. Where the others nailed their part the cover managed to blow me away. The vocal techniques are very clear yet consist of lyrics that most would not dare look at and to finish it the instrumentals proved themselves to be of worth as well. All in all a must to check out in this month’s State Of The Art!

Agonal Breathing:

Brandon Smith
Luis Flores

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