SPITE Release ”Kill Or Be Killed” From Upcoming album ‘Nothing Is Beautiful’!

Spite is without a doubt the angriest deathcore band from the USA. They have released some anger with their Self Titled album ‘Spite’ that got released in the year 2015. There is also a deluxe edition available of their Self Titled album for you crazy motherfuckers, get it HERE! Next to that insanely agressive and arm breaking album they released 2 singles that go by the name of ”Despise” and ”IED” (both are linked at the end of the page), today ”Kill Or Be Killed” will be added!

The rage doesn’t stop there, it will continue with their upcoming album ‘Nothing Is Beautiful’ that will get released via Stay Sick Recordings on the 28th of July. The earlier mentioned song ”IED” is the first song that got released from their upcoming album. It got out on the 9th of June and it is bone breaking violent! Today. 29th of June, is the day where the second song of the album ‘Nothing Is Beautiful’ got released but this time it is a music video! It is called ”Kill Or Be Killed” and it makes me even more excited about the whole album than I already was. It starts as we expected from Spite, fucking brutal! This song indicates that they stayed true to their roots while adding a whole lot of new shit to their sound. The instruments are slamming as always and the vocals are truly unique to any other deathcore vocalist. It is filled with pure emotion, passion and rage! Check it out down below before Darius cuts you limb to limb.


Vocals – Darius Tehrani
Bass – Stephen Mallory
Guitar – Alex Tehrani
Drums – Cody Fuentes
Guitar – Lucas Garriques

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