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We have been keeping you informed about everything associated with THE WATCHERS since we first heard about their formation. Vocalist Tim Narducci has long been a favorite musician of mine and I’ve followed and loved every band he has been a part of. The band has had a fast paced upstart. Since they began less than 6 months ago the band has formed, recorded their EP, released a video, signed to the amazing label Ripple Music, and booked their first west coast tour. We were lucky enough to speak with Tim about THE WATCHERS and his experience as a musician. 

Metal Nexus: So how did the formation of The Watchers come about? Other than yourself and Chris “Cornbread” Lombardo was their an audition process for the rest of the band?

Tim Narducci: The formation of the Watchers was a matter of when will I get to jam with these other two guys. Cornbread and I have been playing together for 11 years now. Hes the baddest motherfucker in the Bay Area when it comes to the bass, He is a true brother to Me and we want the same results, no brainer. Jeremy I have know since 98′ when Systematic was starting out and weve been friends ever since. An incredible musician let alone guitarist. I rang Him up one day and We chatted about the idea, He told Me He was My guy for guitar….enough said, done. Carter I met through a mutual friend that was I was producing a record for. He was the session drummer for the project, We got to talking and thought it would be cool to jam one day and it finally happened. I knew who I wanted for this gig, Im very pleased it worked out.

Metal Nexus: Did you have a sound in mind when you started the band or is that something that happened naturally once the lineup was put in place?

Tim Narducci: I had a vision of what I thought would be cool and something I would want to hear but haven’t yet in today’s musical scope. I was hoping we would create something unique yet familiar, most importantly based off of a killer riff, a good song, tons of energy, and a ripping guitarist that isn’t cheesy. Like “Blizzard of Ozz” when I first heard it as a kid….blew me the fuck away! The style of players in this band make a similar sound I hear in my head. When we get together it’s too easy.

Metal Nexus: From your various projects Systematic, Spiral Arms, Beer Drinkers & Hellraisers is there anything you try to do to be different or set yourself apart from other projects?

Tim Narducci: Every new project I get involved with has to be different for Me. I think the energy of the people involved makes the biggest difference. One guys tone, playing, song writing ability, and overall vibe can be miles apart from the next guy.

Metal Nexus: We have already been blown away by the tracks “Today and “Sabbath Highway” that you’ve released thus far. How many songs are already finished?

Tim Narducci: We have 5 songs for “Sabbath Highway” recorded and being pressed, coming out Nov.4 on Ripple Music. There are 3 other finished songs, and 3 so far in the early stages…lots of material and riffs flying about. We’ll be in the studio again next month recording a few things for upcoming specialty releases.

Metal Nexus: You have stated you are trying to release a full length debut by October, is there a title yet for that album? Producer?

Tim Narducci: Our first release will be and EP. I produced and mixed the record. We brought in Adam from Systematic to record drums, which We did at His studio, It was fun to work with Him again. We did rhythm guitars at Jeremy’s home studio, and the rest was at My spot Sonic Room. I love the way it turned out!

Metal Nexus: Will the two tracks you have already release be on the album as well?

Tim Narducci: Yes “Sabbath Highway” and “Today” are on the EP.

Metal Nexus: You have played a handful of shows already with more to come, How has crowds/fans reacted to the music in a live setting?

Tim Narducci: We’ve done 3 shows So far. They’ve been great…lots of positive feedback. the biggest compliment has been the energy shift in this band from the last. You can feel in the room, it’s raw and real.

Metal Nexus: Ripple Music is home to great bands like Ape Machine, Foghound, Blackwulf, etc…how did The Watchers signing to the label come about? Why do you think it is a good fit for The Watchers and Ripple?”

Tim Narducci: Ripple Music and our pairing up came through in a number of ways. I recorded and mixed the last ZED record, and the newest one “Trouble In Eden” coming out on Ripple in August . Mark Aceves (ZED) introduced Me to Todd. He distributed the left over White Witch Canyon record for Me on his online store. We connected on a cool level, more as fans of heavy music, I thought Ripple would be perfect for Our debut and some other recordings. Im guessing when I sent Him the rough mix for “Call The Priest” it would be a good fit.

Metal Nexus: Was Scorcht Earth your first serious band effort? And how were the other band members related to you?

Tim Narducci: Systematic was My first true stab at getting into the business. We had a great run, sold lots of records, toured with the biggest and best. Opened for Metallica a few times, all rock and roll dreams were met.

Metal Nexus: Experience is one of the most valuable things in starting a new band or succeeding in music. What do you feel is the best lesson you have learned as a musician?

Tim Narducci: Play music for yourself first, blaze your own trail, and know how to read the room. When you put together a band there are 3,4,5, sometimes 6 opinions in that room. The biggest issue is vision, never let that go, everybody has there place and roll. To be a genuine artist I believe that is key and always jam with cats that share it, ones that fight it, cut them loose.

Metal Nexus: You have been a big label in the past (Lars Ulrichs Label through Elektra) do you feel like it’s as important now to be signed to a label as it was in the past?

Tim Narducci: I believe there is a place for a record label its just to what degree. You can produce a great record for 5k on your own, get a good indie label behind it, share the work load and profit, and get similar results with a fraction of the major label debt. You have to be self sufficient, make your own merch, roll in your own van & trailer, book your own tours, but you have to want it. The label is part of the team, handling the marketing, press, and product.

Metal Nexus: We have wanted to see you live for several years now, what’s the timeline or chances of some East Coast tour dates?

Tim Narducci: We will do everything in our power to make it to the East Coast with The Watchers….keep spreading the word, lets make it happen!


The Watchers are about to tour the West Coast with the amazing ZED, if you are anywhere near these tour destinations you need to get your ass out there and see both bands live. The Watchers’ Tim Narducci and Chris “Cornbread” Lombardo have a chemistry on stage that is unparalleled. Full speed ahead rock n roll is what they deliver!

Tour Dates:

10/13 Portland, Oregon @ Ash St. Saloon*
10/14 Seattle, WA @ Skylark*
10/15 Eugene, OR @ Black Forest*
10/20 Hollywood, CA Viper Room*
10/21 San Diego, CA @ Til Two*
10/22 Las Vegas, NV @ Dive Bar*
11/5 Crockett, CA @ Toots Tavern (Album Release Show)* & Blackwulf
12/1 San Francisco, CA @ Three Parkside (w/ Castle & Mos Generator)

* With Zed

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