DEATH WILL TREMBLE “Mona” Review & Stream!


Modern music and fans are always racing to put a title on a band. Genres and sub-genres have run rampant. Sometimes a band comes along and refuses to be tagged as one specific sound. Let me introduce you to DEATH WILL TREMBLE. They are a band that melds together a handful of elements from various genres. It’s impossible really to wrangle them into one specific category or two for that matter. I simply like to refer to their style as creative. Lots of bands attempt to create a whole new sound that hasn’t really been heard before and fail miserably. DEATH WILL TREMBLE call Austin, Texas home. The musicians that make up the band have played in various projects in the past. You can hear the chemistry within the band, breaking ground and musical barriers isn’t easily done and the band has already made amazing strides.


Death Will Tremble’s debut album ‘Mona’ is one of the most creative sounding and appealing albums I have heard this year. It has a refreshing sound that keeps you listening to the album over and over. The dark tones of the album begins with the track “Sunset”. The song features some distortion and sludgy riffs, the riffs are perfectly adapted to the song and fit like a puzzle. Every little sound within the song has its rightful place. Then you hear the guitar solo break out. “Sunset” really showcases the guitar work by Chase Townsend and Jason Powell. The guitar work is something that can’t be put into words. Moving on to the title track “Mona”, the song starts with this amazing creepy yet atmospheric sound. It’s that eeriness that keeps you on your toes and your ears craving more. The intro leads right into a Hunter Townsend scream that starts the head banging process that is unavoidable while listening to this song. The vocals range from an almost spoken word to a harsh scream. The contrast between the two is something that gives the song a vibrant and welcoming sound. Drummer Peter Murray’s skin slaying helps the song keep a constant pace and his style is a big part of the entire sound the band now calls their own. Everything swarms around each other in perfect harmony. In “What Becomes” we get to hear some groove out of the band. While the previous elements are still there the addition of some groove really steps up to the forefront by bassist Jake Archer. Hunter’s monumental drawn out screams give each song an edge. The band makes things work that typically don’t. DEATH WILL TREMBLE also set you free with an onslaught of heaviness with their final track on their debut. “Gallows” is a whole new beast in comparison to other songs on the album. From start to finish it holds nothing back. If you want something new and untamed, this is it. This album is an example of creative minds in perfect sync with one another. Each note like paint to canvas, it becomes one majestic work of art.

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