WHISPERS OF ANDROMEDA Release New Music Video “Supernatural”, Announce EP Release Date


On September 13th, Whispers of Andromeda uploaded the music video they’ve been working on for nearly a year to YouTube. Their video is of a melodic metalcore cover of Kesha’s “Supernatural,” produced by Hop Top Films.

Whispers of Andromeda are a post hardcore/metalcore band local to Worcester, Massachusetts. Immediately in the video, we are introduced to Dani Angelo’s enchanting vocal cover of Kesha’s song. She is joined by their drummer, Shane Lamm, and guitarists Lucky Nocera and Steven DiPietro. Brandon White’s harsh vocal covers are used throughout, though primarily on the “Get a little bit wild” verses. One of the things I like most about this video is that while Kesha’s lyrics talk of how a certain person makes her feel, the video takes a more literal stance of the word “supernatural.” Dani and Lucky go on a ghost hunt in between shots of the band performing their cover. Ultimately, I find the band’s covered the song amazingly and would even go as far as saying I prefer the cover to the original. (Sorry Kesha.)

The music video promotes the release of Whispers of Andromeda‘s debut EP, “Oceans Become Doors At Night.” It will be released on September 29th on iTunes, Google Music, and Spotify, the same day as the band’s show at The Raven in Worcester, Massachusetts. If their EP sounds anything like what I heard in “Supernatural,” then I know I can be excited for its release. You can watch the video for “Supernatural” below.

“Oceans Become Doors At Night” Track Listing:

1. The Mirage
2. Solace In Shadows
3. Aeons In The Dark
4. Polarity
5. A Sinking Feeling
6. Cosmic Relapse


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