Watch OVTLIER’s All New Groovy, Melodic And Harrowing Music Video, ‘Spineless’

OVTLIER from Rochester, New York are one of the most talked about new metalcore bands in town. It is justified that the sick yet amazing music that they create makes them worthy of all the attention that they are thrown at. OVTLIER has just released a new single that goes by the name, ‘Spineless‘ and oh boy, the music video is intense. The video contains disturbing imagery, so proceed with caution.

It talks about the horrors of the healthcare or drug industry. The new song is some thing nu metal fans can directly cling on to as there are sections the band goes out all guns blazing and then there are certain complimentary parts where they all even out the aggression by taking to clean vocals and anthem-esque melody. Both of the vibes go hand in hand pretty darn well.

Video director Josiah Moore tells Dread Central, “For ‘Spineless’, we had a very clear idea right from the beginning of what we wanted the finished piece to feel like. We were blessed to land an actor so willing to dive in deep with our ideas and fully commit to making our concepts come to live in a visceral way. It was a long day of shooting and many, many hours of meticulous visual effects work. I am incredibly grateful for the trust OVTLIER put in me and my team to pull off this big idea! I truly hope fans not only enjoy and remember the song but maybe if we’re lucky… a few of our images [will] keep them restless in bed.

Furthermore, front man, Joey Arena goes onto story tell the message behind the song, where he can be seen criticizing the healthcare industry and politicians and big pharmas related due to the rampant dangers related to patients suffering from it. Here in the following passage he can be seen lighting some light on the message the song highlights.

He adds, “The music video portrays symbolisms of the horrors in today’s sickness and society. This year, I watched my grandmother, my main source of stability fight her losing battle to cancer. When she was diagnosed a few years ago, I made it my mission to educate myself about the disease. She put her trust into her doctors, as many would and the pills they prescribed had so many negative side effects and the chemo they pushed into her frail body that destroyed everything good and bad only to have it come back, spread and mutate. I watched her lose a part of herself daily. I watched her lose sleep and barely hang on. I couldn’t imagine the courage and strength it took to face every day. Researching it all, the origins of chemotherapy and radiation used as a medical “solution” are complete lunacy, especially finding out its “success rate”. If you, the reader know someone who is a part of that small success rate, you’re fortunate to know a survivor in that minority. Without going further down the rabbit hole, Spineless reflects my personal views on the medical and governmental studies and that we are nothing but lab rats and test subjects. They plant the bug and out comes the disease. It’s the food we eat; the thoughts we think and the air breathe… It’s like there’s a new disease every week with a name attached to it as though it was created in a lab. Is it crazy to think that most of the sickness is man-made and brought upon ourselves? Sure, bacteria evolves but look at how STD’s are transmitted. What came first, the chicken or the egg? Where did it start and when does it end? I am questioning more cause I’m tired of watching loved ones suffer. What is scarier than to believe you’re just a rat in an endless maze? Are we just slaves to ourselves? Do we enslave each other? This is not just about doctors; this is about politicians, the media, corporations, and companies that we support. Bankers, lawyers, judges, these are the people you put your faith in and that you give power to. To massive amounts of these lab coat vermin, we are social experiments at best. The elite or powers that be sit back, fund and watch the reactions of society. Knowing pharmaceutical sales reps, being told how everyone gets their kick-backs and primarily the doctors get incentive to push specific drugs, its a dark and twisted charade and all trial and error. How about the stories that are surfacing about purposely misdiagnosing cancers? How much of a piece of shit do you have to be to rip someone’s heart out, fuck their world up and evidently kill them? It’s related population control. Good thing karma exists. My thoughts are this; like all businesses, doctors also need returning business. To treat sickness and to cure it are two different things.

You can pre-order/save the song right here. Go check out the killer video down below. And if you like what you hear, then don’t forget to order OVTLIER‘s debut EP, ‘What Doesn’t Kill Mehere, released last year.

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