THE CHARM THE FURY Release Full Set From Pinkpop 2017!

Almost every human on this planet has heard about metalcore band The Charm The Fury but for those that haven’t I will introduce you to them real quick. They are a metalcore act from Holland that consists of famous vocalist Caroline Westendorp, bassist Lucas Arnoldussen, drummer Mathijs Tieken, guitarists Rolf Perdok and Martijn Slegtenhorst. They have released 1 EP ‘The Social Meltdown’ and 2 albums named ‘A Shade Of My Former Self’ and latest release ‘The Sick, Dumb And Happy’. I have written about ‘The Sick, Dumb And Happy’, click HERE to read all about it! If you want to get to know the band a little more you should definitely read it! 

Now let’s get right into the awesome news. The Charm The Fury got added to this year’s Pinkpop festival and they owned the stage like no one else and blew everyone away with their full set. Yes you heard it right, full freaking set! And guess what? It’s online for everyone to watch including you. Check it out right below!

The set is perfect, it features some songs from ‘A Shade Of My Former Self’ and ‘The Sick, Dumb And happy’. If you love the band as much as I do you will absolutely adore the set and if you are new to this band then this set will make you realise that this band was the one you were missing out on all along. They have shown every side of themselves in the best way possible. The instruments are top-notch and the vocals are as good live as on their studio albums. Don’t believe me? Click on one of the songs I have linked down below and find out for yourself!

They have only made me more excited about seeing them at Into The Grave this year, you could be there too! Read more about that festival HERE!

Set list:

  1. Echoes
  2. The Enemy
  3. Down On The Ropes
  4. No End In Sight
  5. Colorblind
  6. Corner Office Maniacs
  7. Blood And Salt
  8. Outro
  9. The Future Needs Us Not
  10. Songs Of Obscenity
  11. Carte Blanche

The Charm The Fury tour dates 2017:

18-06-2017 // Graspop Metal Meeting, Dessel (BE)
21-06-2017 // 013, Tilburg w/ Slayer
22-06-2017 // Download Madrid, Madrid (E)
24-06-2017 // Jera On Air, IJsselsteyn NL
08-07-2017 // Dijkpop Festival, Andijk NL
13-07-2017 // Masters Of Rock, Vizovice (CZ)
15-07-2017 // Zwarte Cross, Lichtenvoorde NL
22-07-2017 // Woodstage, Dresden (DE) w/ Marilyn Manson
29-07-2017 // Qstock Festival, Oulu (FIN)
04-08-2017 // Vagos Open Air, Lissabon (P)
11-08-2017 // Into The Grave Festival, Leeuwarden NL
13-08-2017 // Sziget Festival, Budapest (HU)
18-08-2017 // Nirwana Tuinfeest, Lierop NL
19-08-2017 // Summerbreeze Festival (DE)
25-08-2017 // Reload Festival, Sulingen (DE)

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