A PERFECT CIRCLE Release AC/DC Cover “Dog Eat Dog” For Record Store Black Friday [Track Stream]

Photo Credit: Paul Harries

A Perfect Circle just released a cover of AC/DC’s “Dog Eat Dog.” The track is included as the B-side of APC’s “So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish” limited-edition seven-inch vinyl, released earlier this month. Fans can grab their copy of the release exclusively via Record Store Black Friday. For a list of participating independent retailers, please visit: recordstoreday.com
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Review: A PERFECT CIRCLE – ‘Eat the Elephant’ [Video Stream]

14 years have passed since A Perfect Circle has released an album. Finally, however, scheduled for an April 20th, 2018 release date comes their highly-anticipated fourth studio album entitled, ‘Eat the Elephant’ via BMG. On this latest effort, the maturation of the band over the last several years is apparent as the minor-chord, melancholic masters have clearly brought a newly awakened sharpness and depth to their craft. Lyrically, the cynicism is front and center and, for the most part, aimed lethally at the misguided ways of present-day mankind. ‘Eat the Elephant’ exhibits many familiar APC elements while also incorporating a slew of modern stylistic influences that many fans may find surprising or even polarizing. At this stage in their career, however, this seasoned and acclaimed group of musicians appear entirely comfortable and confident in creating songs that are unapologetically a distinct shift in their trademark sound – as each successive album ideally should be. This is not an attempt to remake or capitalize upon APC’s earlier musical successes, but rather a natural, creative evolution – 14 years in the making.  Continue reading